moving truck

How to Fit a House Full of Stuff Onto One Truck

Moving in Florida is a multi-step process, with one of the biggest challenges being how to get all of your possessions loaded onto a truck. This is no small feat, especially when comparing the amount of stuff you have versus the size of that moving truck. There are also precautions you need to take to secure the contents inside.

unloading moving truck

The Best Methods for Unloading Your Moving Truck

You can’t call it a moving day until all of your belongings have been safely placed inside of your new home in Florida. Even though, the hard work is still underway as you try and figure out where your bedding went and how to put the legs back on the kitchen table. A good portion of this stress can be relieved just by unloading the items off the truck and into your house in an orderly fashion.

moving van

How to Get Your Garage To Fit Into a Moving Van

So here you are, about to close on that big ranch in Weston, when you suddenly realize that this means you have to start organizing to actually move there. Your clothes, books and kitchen are all pretty straightforward packing, but that garage? Well that’s something else entirely. Thanks to the sheer number of heavy, awkward and (let’s face it) dirty objects, a well-stocked garage is one of the most challenging areas of a house to move.