investing in rental real estate house

Investing in rental real estate – pros and cons

Investing in rental real estate is a great way to achieve financial independence and earn more money. Because this idea sounds alluring, people often think about buying a house, apartment or some space to rent. But like every business and investment, investing in real estate also has its pros and cons. First of all, there […]

One of the places with scenic views in Miami

 Best Places with Scenic Views in Miami

Miami is a beautiful city with amazing and incredible places to see. You just need to discover them, And we can help you by telling you where are the best places with scenic views in Miami? If you are visiting Miami, maybe after this you will want to move and live here.

A rental apartment in Miami Beach

How to find a cheap Florida beach vacation rental

Renting vacation rentals is becoming more popular by the year. People are deciding for this step more and more and there is a clear reason why. It offers private accommodation with services you need, and all that for a cheaper price than in a hotel. We agree hotels have a lot of advantages, nonetheless, the popularity […]

This young lady has decided to change your move out date so she cleaned and emptied this apartment with a view of the downtown.

Can you change your move out date?

If you wish to change your move out date, there are several things you have to understand first. It’s possible only given specific circumstances. Now, that is nothing to worry about. All it requires is some sort of planning ahead. Let’s be generous here and assume you did do some planning ahead. We are also […]

Move to New York fro Miami and see the Statue of Liberty.

Moving from Miami to New York

Every now and then, there comes a time in a person’s life when they are ready for a change. This can be something as simple as changing their hair color or a hobby. However, this can sometimes be quite bigger. Whether it is for work, for family or any other reason, there might come the […]

A gavel.

Landlord rights in Florida

Have you ever thought about renting a home? Maybe you wanted to, but you were too scared of the various rules, laws, and obligations you will have as either a landlord or a tenant. Florida has it’s own Landlord/Tenant Law, and if you are planning a Florida relocation, you should inform yourself about it. It is […]