persons hand is green because he is using recyclable plastic moving bins

Where to Find Recyclable Plastic Moving Bins

Did you know that you can rent packing supplies for your relocation? Yes, you don’t have to buy loads of boxes just to be able to pack your belongings. And what would you do with all those plastic moving bins once you are finished? You can’t keep them, you would need a storage unit just […]

Reading a long distance packing and moving guide on a tablet.

Ultimate long distance packing & moving guide

Preparing for a long distance move is a difficult job, and it’s one that will take up a lot of your time. As opposed to local moves, when you have the luxury of taking a few trips and relocating your belongings that way, a long distance move demands professional help – and lots of it. […]

An office getting ready for the move.

5 Common Office Move Mistakes

Ask any business owner and they will tell you – moving your office is a lot of work. First, a lot of preparations and talking things over needs to happen. Then, you figure out what you will do with your equipment and documents. Do you sell your stuff? Do you move it with to your […]

How to pack for a move next door

How to pack for a move next door

Sometimes you love your neighborhood, but the house just does not satisfy your needs. Or maybe you rented, and you finally decided it was time to get your own spread. And when a house in the neighborhood goes on sale, you grab it. No matter how close it is, it is not much easier to […]

A close up of a human hand holding a glass, see-through globe. We can see trees all around him, so he must be somewhere in nature. If you want to know whether you are renting green storage or not, look at the building material. Eco-friendly storage facilities are made out of renewable materials, such as wood.

Benefits of renting green storage

The Earth is begging us to start acting eco-friendly. Over the years, people have done a lot of damage to our planet. Luckily, there is still a window of opportunity to turn the situation around and let our Earth recuperate. Going green is now in, and plenty of relocation professionals have joined the fight for […]

Moving materials

How to save on moving supplies?

So, it is coming. A big day, a day of your move. You have prepared everything. Firstly, you have hired one of the best moving companies in Miami. You know they will make sure that your things come to your new place safely. But, even though hiring them is not very expensive, it still costs […]