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How to be a good neighbor on moving day

When you move there is a huge amount of things that are happening in your life. Especially if you’re moving to an outstanding city like Miami. This place has breathtaking attractions that are famous worldwide. But it still not the time for you to relax, there is a job to be done. There are many […]


Perfect meals for moving day

Is there anything as exhausting as relocating to a new house? You live your entire life in one place, and now you have to change your location and get accustomed to the new home. And not only that, but the relocation process as a whole can be very stressful. There are many ways to deal […]

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Reasons to hire a portable storage company

If you are moving, you have certainly been exploring the ways in which you can transport your things. In the early days, the only way of moving was by renting a truck. Today, you have many options, so you can choose the one that suits you the most. Now you can use cars, trucks, planes, […]

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How to pack an essentials moving box?

An essentials box is the first box you will open after moving, or even during the moving day. This open-first box is also known as a survival box or first night box. Many people forget to pack an essentials moving box, and when they do remember, it is already too late. So, do not make the same […]

Two wooden crates can speed up unpacking.

The best organizing tips to speed up unpacking

Packing might be the biggest part of every move. There is just always something do to – and that pile of chores often seems endless! But even after you are done getting cheap packing supplies, stuffing your home in boxes and moving them over to another city, there is still more work to do! This is […]

Long-Distance House Hunt

How to do a long-distance house hunt

Although buying a house over long distances is not an easy feat, it can be done. In fact, thousands of people buy property from afar every day. Realistic expectations and knowledge of the area, armed with the right team of real estate, you can also find a house that meets your needs in budget and […]