Moving Soon? When You Should Look for a Mover

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    Moving Soon? When You Should Look for a Mover

    Now that you’ve found your new home, it’s time to make it your own. Filing it with your possessions and creating a comfortable environment can be fun for some, but daunting to many.

    Fortunately, there is a way to lighten your load and your stress and that’s by hiring a professional moving company. But when is the right time to call the mover? The distance and the time of year are factors, but overall, the earlier you can book your move, the better.

    Use these tips as a guide for how far in advance of your move you should call.

    4 Weeks Before

    While we’ve taken last-minute moves without a problem, it’s best if you call more than a month in advance. Call within 4 weeks or less if…

    • You’re moving to a nearby location within the same city during the off season (fall or winter).
    • You have to move out quickly or have a moving emergency. Unfortunately, foreclosures and rental problems do happen and may force people to move. We’ve also had clients whose plans fell through with other moving companies, forcing them to switch movers at the last minute.

    8 Weeks Before

    Moving companies, especially reputable ones, will get booked up quickly and will need notice of at least 8 weeks. The closer it is to your moving date, the greater the likelihood of a scheduling conflict. For this reason, we recommend calling a mover within 8 weeks of your move in these situations:

    • You’re planning on moving to a location within the same city or state.
    • Your move will take place during the off season.
    • You’re moving across state lines (only during the off season). Interstate moves are more complicated, but the time can be offset if it’s in the low season.

    More than 8 Weeks Before

    For most moves, we recommend you call and reserve more than 8 weeks in advance of your move. This is especially true in the situations mentioned below.

    • Making a cross-country move? Whether you’re coming from New York or California, if you’re moving long distance, call as far in advance as possible. Long-distance moves are the most logistically complicated. Avoid any issues by calling more than 2 months before.
    • Call more than 8 weeks early if you’re moving during the summer, which is the busiest moving season of the year. Even South Florida moves pick up during the summer, especially when schools are out on vacation.

    It goes without saying that moving during the busiest season means there is a greater chance your prime moving dates won’t be available. The sooner you make arrangements, the greater peace of mind you’ll have.

    Moving soon? Get a free moving quote with our online calculator or call 786-453-4340 for a free estimate.

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