Moving House With Pets – Does it Have to Be So Stressful?

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    Moving House With Pets – Does it Have to Be So Stressful?

    Are you moving to a lovely new house and looking forward to enjoying your new home and new life in Bay Harbor Islands? Your new house probably even has a nice yard for your furry best friend to roam around and enjoy the sun.

    However, you’re worried that house moving will be stressful for your dog. He is very attached to your old house and you want to make sure that he’ll handle everything well.

    Although it’s true that your pet will be the happiest wherever you are, you still should make sure you do everything you can to make the transition for your pet, as easy as possible.

    Make a solid plan

    If you plan out everything, you’ll know what your schedule will look like and you’ll be able to adjust it to be more quick in your responses to any unplanned events.

    It’s important that you spend some quality time with your pets during this period, so they don’t feel neglected. Take your dog to a dog park. Go for long walks. Play with them and cuddle them. All the attention you can give them will ease their minds and keep them calm.

    Hire a reliable moving service. At Orange Movers we know how important it is for our clients to count on us. Our serviceable, professional house moving team will make sure everything goes smoothly. While we take care of your items, you’ll have enough free time on your hands to take good care of your furry companion.

    Visit your vet

    As soon as you know that you’re moving, take your pet to see a vet. Get a general exam to check the overall health of your pet. If it’s time for the shots, do them now. It’s better to take care of it while your pet still comes back to the comfort of a familiar place than to add up the stress of a new, unknown place.

    If you’re moving from a bit further away, ask your vet to give you recommendations of reliable veterinarians in the Bay Harbor Islands area.

    Do everything on time

    Don’t mess around. This is not about you. If you don’t follow your own schedule, you will be able to work things out, but that means that you’ll have to do things instead of spending time with your dog.

    Resist the urge to procrastinate. It will quickly get out of control and you’ll end up not only raising the stress level of your pet, but being quite stressed out yourself.

    Take him to the new home

    If this is a local move and if it’s at all possible, take your dog to your new house. Out of all their senses, dogs rely mostly on their smell. It would be great if your dog got a chance to smell the new place before he moves there. That way when he moves permanently, he’ll be in a familiar surrounding and will be more calm.

    If you’re not able to show him the new house, at least take him to the new neighborhood. Take a few walks around your new neighborhood in Bay Harbor Islands so he could get used to the surroundings and smells, perhaps even meet a few local pooches to play with.

    Don’t throw away the old bed and old toys

    Although you think this may be the ideal opportunity to get rid of the worn down doggy bed and the old, chewed toys, don’t do it.

    The bed is your dog’s territory. He feels safe and calm there and would be distressed if he has to sleep in something new that smells unfamiliar. Old toys will also help your dog to feel at home.

    Be mindful of the interruptions caused by your pet in the moving process

    Of course your dog might be the best pet in the world, for you. He is loving, and caring and has a big heart. It’s OK for your dog to greet your local moving crew, but don’t let him get into the way while the house movers are trying to work.

    If he’s under their feet all the time, they won’t be able to do their job and house moving will take much longer. Also, there is a good chance someone will trip over your dog which might result in him getting injured which is the last thing you want.

    Take care of grooming before you move

    Of course, you don’t want to have a dirty dog in a new, clean house. Wash him, clip his nails. If he has a long coat, consider getting him a shorter hairstyle. It will be much nicer in the new house if he’s fresh and clean.

    Your dog loves you unconditionally. So the least you can do is try to make the transition to a new home as easy on him as possible. Follow these simple tips and your dog won’t get into the way during house moving, but also the process will not be so stressful for him.

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