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    Moving Home Based Business

    Are You Ready for Your Home Based Business to Move Out of the House?

    If your small home based business has outgrown your house, it could be time to consider office space in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you have run out of room for your supplies, or decided to increase the size of your team, moving from the house into a commercial space is a big step. Working from home could have served you when sales where small, but a professional space could be better for business.

    You Should Be Considering a Professional Office Space if:

    • You are Not in Compliance With Your Residential Zoning Laws
      You’ll be surprised at the types of ordinances needed, even to run a small office business from your house. For example, if you suddenly have an increase in foot traffic to your home for business purposes, you could be violating the rules of a residential area.
    • You Need to Hire Employees
      Not everyone is going to be comfortable having people traipsing in there house, even if the work for you. If your business has reached a point where you need to hire employees, it is time to make a local move into a commercial area.
    • Your Productivity is Hindered at Home
      Spouses, kids and Netflix can all interfere with your productivity. If you are an individual who needs a “work” space to work, then your business may thrive by being taken out of the home.

    How to Move Your Business into a Commercial Space

    Once you have made the decision to move your home based business into a professional space, you need to consider whether you want to lease or buy a commercial property. Buying a property will cost you more in the beginning, but you might be able to use parts of those costs to offset your business tax obligations. Most small business owners choose to lease, which will give you more flexibility if you decide to move the business in the future.

    Your primary concern should be in choosing a space that is suitable for your business in terms of size. Ensure that there is work space if you need it, or an area where you can store your inventory and stock. Keep in mind that even if you own your commercial space, you will now have more running expenses that you are responsible for. Only choose a space that is not going to suddenly turn your profitable business into a loss.

    Even if you only have a small home based business to move, it is likely comprised of delicate equipment and supplies. Consider using a commercial mover to help make sure that nothing is damaged in the process. They will help you to coordinate the move, pack the supplies, and then set you up in the commercial location, giving you the chance to stay on top of your operations.

    If you are dealing directly with clients, you should notify them of your intent to change your base of operations as soon as possible. The same goes for any vendors that you are doing business with. This will help in avoiding any issues once you have moved into the new space.

    Making a business move from your home to a professional office is a sign that you’re moving up in the world. Embrace your success and be proud of what you have managed to accomplish.

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