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    Moving across Florida is always full of excitement and new adventures! The myth circling that your relocation has to be stressful and difficult is indeed nothing more than a myth. As long as you prepare yourself properly and focus on important things, this entire process will be fast and pleasant. Here, we will talk about one specific route, extremely common among residents in Florida. Moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines can be over in just a couple of hours with the right assistance and good timing. So, to help you do it like a real professional, here is everything you should know!

    Why are people moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines?

    Sometimes Orange Movers Pompano Beach will receive a request for relocation to Pembroke Pines for various reasons. But, if you get a closer look at the statistics some of the reasons stand out. Since Pembroke Pines is way smaller than Miami, the first thing that will make people move is the need for a quieter and slower pace. You probably know that Miami is one of the most popular cities in the world, and that carries a lot of things for its residents. Constantly being surrounded by tourists and people is not for everyone and it is completely normal if you decide to get away from it.

    elderly couple sitting by the beach as retirement is common reason for moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines
    For those who wish to retire or downsize from Miami, Pembroke Pines is a great option

    Next on the list of reasons is of course a new job opportunity. Even though it is smaller than Miami, Pembroke Pines still has a huge population of 171,979 people. A lot of companies moved their headquarters there due to easier accessibility and better service. Younger and smaller businesses are following the example as well since it is much easier to operate from Pembroke Pines.

    And finally, a lot of people who decide to retire and downsize will move to Pembroke Pines. It is completely understandable that after many years of hard work, you wish to enjoy your retirement in a place like this.

    Main differences between these two cities

    Being this close, you probably expect that there are not many differences between Miami and Pembroke Pines. The truth is a little bit different as there are a couple of them worth mentioning. Moving companies Miami FL usually provide useful tips on this topic and the more you know, the easier it will be to handle them. To begin with, the most obvious one, moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines will have you experience much better traffic. Just like you would expect from a smaller place, there are fewer traffic jams and more orders on the road. Apart from that Pembroke Pines expect to have:

    • Easier access to important locations like hospitals, post offices, and schools
    • On the other hand, Miami offers more schools to choose from
    • Weather conditions are the same, but there are more attractions on sunny days in Miami
    • In Pembroke Pines, there are fewer hotels and with that job opportunities if your profession is related to tourism

    Keep in mind that every single thing you miss from Miami you still get to keep. As soon as you see how fast movers Pembroke Pines will carry out your relocation, you will be aware of how close these two cities are. 

    Welcome to Pembroke Pines, Florida

    And just like that, you will be living in Pembroke Pines. This extraordinary city is home to many young professionals, diplomats, professors, and many more. Famous for its high-quality schools, it will offer good education to your kids. Apart from that, this city won countless awards for its love for art, music, and different cuisines. Here, you will get a chance to get the best out of Florida and create the lifestyle you always dreamed of. Pembroke Pines has countless restaurants and bars you can enjoy but also many theatres and cinemas if you wish to spend some quality time. 

    cars on the crossroad
    You will be happy to know that traffic is much better and more organized in Pembroke Pines

    Why are movers necessary for relocation this short?

    Don’t be fooled by the distance when it comes to moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines. Even though your relocation will be over in just a couple of hours, you should rely on professional local movers Miami. After all, you will get a chance to explore your new home properly and prepare your new home for moving in. If you have your vehicle you can use it for transporting your personal belongings and first-night kit.

    Things to avoid when moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines

    Now that you are almost ready to start a new life in Pembroke Pines it is good to know what things to avoid on your way there. Even though every relocation is different, these are some general things that could cause issues you don’t need:

    • Avoid moving during summer as Miami is often full of tourists and residents and the traffic is terrible
    • Even though the unemployment rate is low in both cities, find a new job before officially moving
    • A lot of people who are not from Florida think that Pembroke Pines is a suburb in Miami. Don’t make the same mistake as Pembroke Pines is a city with a different ZIP code and area numbers.
    house on sale
    Buying real estate in Pembroke Pines is a great decision as homes are affordable and beautiful!

    And there you have it, your personal guide for moving from Miami to Pembroke Pines. Use it wisely and make sure you always know what your priorities are. If you wish to keep your old job and work remotely that is completely acceptable as many people actually travel between these two cities for work. Working from home will have you keep the same income and get new surroundings, which is always a win-win combination. And for those who wish to buy real estate, keep a close eye on the real estate market. In Pembroke Pines, there are many beautiful homes for sale that usually come with a garden or garage included.

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