Moving from Miami to Palm Beach Gardens

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    Palm Beach Gardens is one of the most desirable places to live in Florida. If you are thinking about moving from Miami to Palm Beach Gardens you can expect beautiful scenery in an excellent and safe neighborhood. Since it is only 80 miles from Miami, you can also get a good deal from moving companies South Florida. That way you will have safe and enjoyable relocation.

    How to get from Miami to Palm Beach Gardens

    If you are currently a Miami resident, you are probably familiar with Palm Beach Gardens’ good reputation. This is a home for many retirees, and families, with an excellent golf course, and perfect weather. Still, it is a place that radiates a suburban feel. If you like to live in a nice community, surrounded by beautiful scenery this is an excellent choice. Palm Beach Gardens is 80 miles from Miami. It is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, and it has a great connection with major cities.

    Beach from above
    We are sure you will enjoy Palm Beach Gardens

    The easiest way is to travel is by car. Especially when you are moving. This way, you can take some of your belongings with you and send the rest with movers Palm Beach Gardens. The car drive lasts about an hour and a half. It depends on the traffic and your moving day date, but this is pretty much the time you will need to get to the PBG. Another way to get here from Miami is by bus. This can be a little complicated when you are moving, but it is an option as well. Here are your options:

    • Bus – $18 – $71
    • Train + bus – 3h 4m – $29 – $53
    • Train – 3h 50 minutes – $12 – $18
    • Car – 1h 27 minutes – $15 – $21

    The cost of living

    Another positive thing about Palm Beach Gardens is the cost of living. It is still higher than Florida’s national average, about 6% higher. But it is lower than the cost of living in Miami.

    shopping for food
    Palm Beach Gardens is much more affordable than Miami

    If you are planning to hire local movers Miami, and you are still calculating your budget and moving costs, you should consider the living expenses as well. Wherever you decide to move, you should know how much the rent, housing, groceries, and other basic expenses are. For example, the average cost of living for one person in Miami is $2729. In Palm Beach Gardens it is around $1951. For a family of four in Miami, you need $6028. In Palm Beach Gardens a family of four will need around $4471 to cover their monthly needs. So it’s obvious that living in PBG is much more affordable than living in Miami.

    Moving from Miami to Palm Beach Gardens? –  you will not regret it

    As you can see, moving from Miami to Palm Beach Gardens is definitely worth it. Living in PBG is much cheaper and offers almost the same things as Miami. Only in smaller quantities. So start searching for good moving companies Miami FL and start preparing today! We are sure that you will enjoy Palm Beach Gardens the same as you enjoyed living in Miami.

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