Step by step: Moving from Miami to Chicago

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    Step by step: Moving from Miami to Chicago

    You have decided to leave the “Sunshine State” and move to the “Windy City”. That’s quite a big adventure to go on! The journey will take you across the whole country! Are you anxious? Feeling scared? Are you none of those, but just have an interest in learning more about your new city? This guide is for all of you! Here, we will discuss steps to take when moving from Miami to Chicago, starting from their main differences, over calling professional Miami movers to settling in your new home! Let’s begin! 

    Miami to Chicago step by step guide.
    Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the country.

    Step 1: Knowing the Differences

    Miami to Chicago Population

    The first thing to realize is that Chicago is far bigger than Miami. Where the city of Miami has around 400,000 residents, Chicago boasts the population of around 2,700,000 people, which makes it the 3rd largest city in the country. This means that Chigaco is almost seven times bigger than Miami when it comes to people! This difference is a bit smaller when considering the whole metro areas. Miami here has around 5.5 million people to Chicago’s almost 9.9 million.

    Miami to Chicago Weather

    Weather is one of the most obvious differences when it comes to the two cities. If you’re moving to Chicago, expect some colder weather, and of course – snow! Typically, the temperatures in summer stay around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (sometimes they reach 90 F), but in the winter the temperatures drop down to average 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Annually, there are about 37 inches of snow from December to February.

    This means it’s time to update your wardrobe and get some warmer clothes and coats. However, do not throw away your swimsuits either! Even though Chicago can’t compare to Miami’s coastline, the city boasts 26 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan, which include 33 beaches. The freshwater is cool in the summer and many chose to relax and take a swim here.

    Miami to Chicago Education

    Chicago’s public school system is bigger than Miami’s. Around 400,000 students attend more than 600 schools. The Chicago also has a Full School Day schedule which means your kids will have an additional class period for Math, Literature, and Science, or Fine Arts, Wellness and any other class they are interested in. There are also more than 20 colleges and universities directly in the city. These include University of Chicago, Northwestern and Loyola Universities.

    There are many other things to learn about Chicago. You should explore these according to your own interestest and fears. A good place to start is the City of Chicago Website. Once you have gained a satisfactory level of Chicago knowledge, it’s time to move.

    Step 2: Furniture

    Decide which piece of furniture is essential and which one isn’t.
    Decide which piece of furniture is essential and which one isn’t.

    The first thing to consider when packing for your move from Miami to Chicago is – what will you be taking with you. Decide what’s valuable to you, as well as what’s an important piece of furniture that you have. Things like shelves and desks can be easily replaced. Things like couches, chairs or tables are not. A good idea is to make a list of things you will be taking with you – this way you get the scope of the furniture you’re moving.

    The second step will be to sell the things you’re leaving. You don’t need them, so why not earn some money? Another option is to donate the things. Many organizations need clothes and shoes to help those in need. Some will even take smaller appliances. If you are not attached to a piece of furniture – get rid of it. You can always buy a new one in Chicago.

    You should not be transporting dangerous or hazardous materials. This includes flammable and corrosive liquids and materials that have hazardous chemicals in them. Dispose of all cleaning supplies, wall paints, and paint thinners. You should also not be moving gasoline and propane tanks!

    Step 3: Moving Companies

    After you have gone over everything you are taking with you, it’s time to decide how you will be moving from Miami to Chicago. You need to calculate how much volume your boxes will take. The moving trucks are usually 8 feet tall, but that really depends on the truck itself. Once you have done that, it’s time to pick the method you will be using to move.

    There are various ways to move long distance. The easiest and safest way is to arrange a move with a professional moving company. There are many Miami long distance movers that you can look into. You can arrange a move with them, they will come to your house and help you pack and unpack and they will transport your things to Chicago. With a reliable moving company, your things will be insured and secured, but that depends on the contract you sign.

    You can also rent a storage container. You will need to pack your own things and the company will take care of moving the container to Chicago. Air cargo option is also available if you need to move with haste.

    Finish the budgeting prior to making any arrangements.
    Finish the budgeting prior to making any arrangements.


    Finally, you can rent a moving truck and move by yourself. However, if you move this way, you don’t have any insurance this way and if something goes awry – it will be up to you to fix it.

    Remember to calculate your budget prior to deciding on the moving option. Include hotel layovers because it takes around 20 hours by car to get from Miami to Chicago. Trucks go even slower!

    Step 4: Packing

    There are many packing tips on our website, so feel free to explore those. Your best bet is to get some moving boxes and take care when packing breakable furniture like plates and dishes. We also recommend you use packing paper or bubble wrap to secure your belongings as well. Once you have packed, you are ready for the moving truck to arrive and take you to Chicago!

    Step 5: Finishing the Move

    After you have arrived in Chicago, it’s time to get settled in. You will need to change your address by going to the post office or on the USPS website. This is a necessary step so you can start receiving your mail to your new home.

    You will also need to visit your bank to change your credit card information, as well as your car registration and license plates. Finally, don’t forget to register to vote in your new state. 

    After this, you have successfully finished your move from Miami to Chicago. It’s time to go out, explore the city and celebrate! Welcome to Chicago!

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