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    Moving to a new state can be a challenge. You are probably not sure what you are getting yourself into. If you haven’t spent time there before, you might not know all you should before relocating. Some people choose to move out of Florida in search of adventure, while others are trying to escape the heat. No matter the reason, Georgia is a great destination of choice. Although both are southern states, moving from Florida to Georgia can be complicated if you don’t have a complete picture of the Peach State. With the help of our guide, you will have all the information necessary to have a smooth relocation.

    Moving from Florida to Georgia – what is the cost of living?

    One of the biggest advantages of living in Florida is its unique tax policy. Since there is no property tax and income taxes are relatively low, Florida is among the most affordable states. However, Georgia might actually be even cheaper. When it comes to real estate, Georgia has Florida beat. The average listed price of a house in Georgia is $200,000, while in Florida it is $317,000. This difference can be quite significant if you are moving with family and need every penny you can save.

    Even a dollar bill can make a difference when moving from Florida to Georgia.
    While taxes are higher, the cost of living is lower in Georgia.

    Aside from housing, other expenses are lower as well. For example, it costs less to eat lunch at a restaurant in Georgia than it does in Florida. When you are moving, you want to save as much money as you can. While some people choose to move by themselves, you should hire professionals. Local companies will help you with everything you need, so explore south Florida moving and storage companies to find one that fits you.

    Take a look at the job market

    Before you relocate, you should do some research on the job market in Georgia. It is a good idea to have a job lined up before you actually get there. Since you will be spending more money than usual, it won’t hurt to have some coming in as well. For starters, make a list of your skills and interests and try to find some job listings that match those features. There are many excellent companies in Georgia, especially in Atlanta, that are always looking for reliable and experienced people. Out of all the companies that are within the Fortune 500, twenty of them have headquarters located in Georgia. These giants of the industry might have a position that is perfect for you.

    While these companies are worth exploring, there are positions in smaller businesses as well. Georgia thrives on the hospitality and tourism industries, so many hotels and restaurants are always looking to expand their crew.

    When you are planning your move, the first thing you want to look for is a reliable moving company. Starting early means that you will get the best Florida moving services out there. Just make sure that you know the difference between a fraudulent moving company and a trustworthy one.

    You won’t escape the heat by moving from Florida to Georgia

    Those who are living in Florida know exactly how hot the summers can get. While the heat is bad, the humidity can be even worse. Apartments and houses without airconditioning practically don’t exist. The same goes for summers in Georgia. When you are looking for a house, know that a pool is a must, especially in the southern parts of the state. You can even install the pool yourself, just make sure you know what you are doing. Winters are mild and a little colder than in Florida. However, if you go up north, you will be surprised to find snow on some of the higher areas. You would never have the opportunity to see it in Florida. That is just one reason why moving from Florida to Georgia will bring you new opportunities and adventures.

    Almost every house in Georgia has a pool.
    If you install a pool, it will raise the value of your home.

    Another thing to consider is traffic in Georgia. Many people commute to work and large cities like Atlanta are often filled with traffic jams. Expect to wait for a couple of hours if there is an accident. Plan your trips to the city or out of it so that you have plenty of time in case something unplanned happens.

    Sports are very important here

    Anyone who spent time in Florida knows how important golf is to its citizens. It is more than just a pastime, it is also an opportunity to create business and personal connections. Many important deals are done right on the golf course. The craze does not stop when moving from Florida to Georgia. Golfers are abundant and this is also a great chance to meet new people. Since you probably won’t have that many contacts in this new state, take this occasion to establish some.

    While golfing is a big deal, other sports have a huge fanbase as well. Football, baseball, and basketball games all draw huge crowds at every single game. Even though the sports are at the center, this is also a chance to socialize and spend time with other people of the same interests. So even if you don’t closely follow these sports, try to attend at least one big game. You can even spend the first night in your new home by going to one of these games. It will give you a sense of the people and the culture tied to these teams. You never know, you might even become an avid sports fan.

    Georgia is very family-friendly

    With all of these activities for adults, it can be easy to forget about Georgia’s youngest citizens. However, the state offers so many kid-friendly attractions that it would be hard to miss them. With an aquarium and a zoo in its capital, this state gives kids the chance to learn while also having fun. If you have kids when moving from Florida to Georgia, don’t worry about their education either.

    Families with small children often relocate to Georgia.
    Plan for your children’s future when you are considering relocation.

    Georgia offers some of the best schools and universities in the area, with Emory University as one of the leading in the country. Whether you are moving with kids or planning on starting a family, Georgia has you covered. Just make sure to talk to your kids before relocating so that they know what is happening.

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