Moving from Florida- Reasons for and against

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    Moving from Florida- Reasons for and against

    Such an unusual subject, right? When I did a research to get the picture why people leave Florida, I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. But when I dug a little deeper, I found some answers. And, as I thought, they weren’t much different than those I and my buddies used to mention when we were talking about moving from Florida anywhere else. What seems to be attractive to people moving to Florida are mostly exactly the same reasons for Floridians to leave the Sunny state. “The grass is always greener in neighbor’s courtyard…” If you’re thinking about such an option, know that you’re not alone. We shall say a few words about the major reasons why people are moving from Florida. But, we must say one thing. The grass is never greener in neighbor’s courtyard. We saw it!

    What are the reasons to relocate to Florida?
    Leaving Florida

    So, why people leave Florida?

    As you might think, and as we said, the heat and humidity are the main reasons why people tend to hire Florida movers and relocate their homes out of the state. But what are the actual motives to leave the Sunshine state? Here they are, according to the research:

    • The reasons for moving from Florida
      Why are people moving from Florida?

      Escaping the heat- Believe it or not, people are moving from Florida for the same reason why you might be moving to the Sunny state.

    • Having a summer vacation out of state- People of Florida also like to travel, only, they almost never have a chance…
    • The snow and the winter-  This is the attraction for the most of the inhabitants, given that it almost never snows in Florida.
    • Moving to a more affordable city- Many cities in the Sunny state are very expensive, so the money represents a considerably important reason for leaving Florida.

    Miami Heat- the reason to leave Florida?

    Enjoying Miami heat is not that fun to the people born here. It’s quite droningly to them. Just like the snow is boring to Canadians, so they massively come to Florida. And while enjoying in Florida during the summer is a blessing for some, the same blessing would be the snow to Floridians. Hence, they are moving away to a more moderate climate, where there are actually four seasons. Unlike the Sunshine state where there is, most of the years, only the summer. So imagine how great it would be for someone living in Florida to experience the true winter. So you get the picture why the heat is the main reason for leaving Florida.

    How does it feel to go on a summer vacation somewhere else than Florida?

    This is the question Floridians ask themselves. When you live in the state of Sunshine, there is no need to go elsewhere for a vacation in the summer. I mean, you can go outside of the state, but if the farthest beach is 60 miles away from you, wherever you might live, what possible reason would you have to leave the Sunshine state during the summer? And this is why the most of the people in Florida have never left it. So, moving from Florida to another state would make it reasonable to visit other places in the summer. And it’s always a great experience for Floridians. Having a different adventure every vacation is one of the most important reasons for Floridians, especially for the younger ones.

    What is it like to feel the snow?

    Your life is completely different after touching the snow
    Snow brings another kind of fun into your life

    Probably the question many people making a long distance move from Florida are looking for an answer to. It would be great to have a winter every now and then, especially for them. Besides, the experience of the summer isn’t the same to the people having it, more or less, during year long. Another kind of vacation is also a plus. Having a chance to ski is a great option to spend some quality time during your vacation. Even a walk in the mountains feels so great. Every season has different things to offer to your satisfaction if you visit the right places. Florida is great for experiencing the summer, or even the spring and autumn. But for the winter, you would need to go elsewhere. And relocating from Florida to New York or to Colorado and its mountains, for example, certainly makes it easier to experience the real magic of winter.

    Is it too expensive for to live in a big city in Florida?

    You like the big city life, but it has become too expensive to live in Miami? Or any other big city in Florida? Well, the Sunny state is quite expensive. So you have two options. Moving to a smaller city in the state. Or leaving the state and moving to another big city, but a lot more affordable. This would make you able to enjoy all those things we mentioned above. And plus, you would be able to live in a big city on a budget. It could be a very difficult thing for born Floridians. Especially having in mind that the summer is almost nowhere that great as in the state called the Sunshine.

    Moving from Florida- yes or no?

    As for any other personal decision, the answer is: It depends! Are you willing to step in an adventurous life, traveling cross-country, enjoying all the seasons? Are you tired of summers? Has Florida become too expensive for you? Now, even if all of this is true, it’s only up to you to decide. Are you prepared to change the state? Think about it. See what you’re giving up, and what do you get for each decision. Be careful, it’s quite difficult for you to realize that in another state you have the summer only for three months. Our suggestion is to travel first to the place you’re planning to move to. And to travel there during the winter. See how it feels. Can you endure it for several months? And only after that make the final decision about moving from Florida.

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