Moving from Asia to Florida

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    Moving from Asia to Florida

    Moving states can be tough, moving from one country to another can be difficult. But moving from one continent to the next? Now that’s a real challenge! There are many things to consider, and many differences to take into account. The people in your new city will behave differently, they will have different attitudes and values. And then all the paperwork comes into play. Certainly, moving from one continent to the next is not for those who are not quite certain of it. But if you are one of them, and you are planning on moving from Asia to Florida, then you came to the right place! In this article, we will outline some of the major differences between Asia and the United States, and some necessary steps you need to take when moving to Florida.

    Cultural Differences

    Me vs. Us

    The first major difference to think about when moving from Asia to Florida, or the United States in general, is the perception of yourself within society. On one hand, we have the United States which are quite an individualistic society. What this means is that the Americans put individual goals in front of the goals of the collective. As a result, Americans are prone to be ambitious and driven to success, and a great deal of American culture is about that.

    On the other hand, many Asian countries focus on collectivism. Many decision made in these countries are done for the common good, not the individual goals. Where Americans are often seen as loud and prone to defending their opinion, a lot of Asians will politely nod even if they disagree, in order to honor the speaker.

    The workplace is different in Asia and America.
    The workplace is different in Asia and America.


    There is one difference, however, and that is in the workplace. In Asian countries, decision come “from the top,” and lower employing sometimes don’t even have a say in them. In the United States, decisions are made collectively so everyone has a chance to change them.

    Work vs. Relationships

    There is another difference to note when moving from Asia to Florida since it can affect your workplace, and that is the process of doing business. In Asia, people take time to get to know one another before doing business. This leads to them developing trust between one another in order to proceed with work. In the States, this is different. Social networking does take place, but it is casual. When business comes into play, deals are made quickly and efficiently. Americans don’t spend much time in getting to know and trust the people they do business with.

    As a result, the process of making business deals in Asia can take quite a long time. In contrast, this process is short and done promptly in the United States.

    Moving from Asia to Florida

    Are you still planning on moving from Asia to Florida? Well then, here are some steps you need to take to achieve that.

    Legal Permission

    You will need legal permission when moving from Asia to Florida.
    You will need legal permission when moving from Asia to Florida.

    You will need a legal permission in order to move to the United States, and there are a couple of ways to achieve this:

    • Have an employer sponsor you. This may be the easiest way to obtain your paperwork. Once you find an American employer, they can file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Completing this process will allow you to permanently stay in the United States. This status is called a “green card”.
    • Have a family member sponsor you. If no employer wants to sponsor you, a family member living in the United States can do this. They start the process by filing I-130 form, after which you need to go through consular processing in Asia. Keep in mind that there is a waiting period for this process.
    • Other visas. There are other visas you can apply for that allow you temporary relocation to the United States. They include student visa, tourist visa, and various work visas. You can apply for a non-immigrant visa on U.S. Department of State website.

    Finding Housing

    You will need to start looking for a house early in the moving process. Inform yourself about Florida Real estate. Housing costs in different areas of the state vary. The same apartment in a smaller town will be much cheaper than in Downtown Miami, for example. Decide which part of the state you would like to live in, and then search for a house there.

    Inform yourself about your neighborhood.
    Inform yourself about your neighborhood.


    When searching for a house, you should look whether there are nearby grocery stores, parks, and other things that are convenient for your way of life. If you’re moving with children, check for schools nearby. The process of transferring your children’s schools might be tough as well. If your moving with pets, make sure the places you’re looking in allow pets. For example, some landlords allow dogs in their building, while some don’t. Make sure you check that fact before deciding on moving to that apartment.

    After you have found an appropriate housing, you will need to find some professional long distance movers. If you have decided on living in Miami, there are many Miami Movers that you can look into. Once you find a couple of moving companies that you like, call them and ask for quotes. After comparing quotes, you can make an informed decision about the mover you will pick. You can also ask them about instruction for packaging your items.


    After you have arranged for housing and movers, you need to get your documentation in order. You will need to get official copies of the following:

    • Your own as well as your family’s birth certificates
    • marriage license/divorce decree
    • your children’s schools transcripts
    • medical and dental records for all family members
    • adoption records if you adopted a child

    Even after the move, the work is far from over. You will need to set up utilities, get your children enrolled in schools, and get a Social Security Number. You need a Social Security Number if you intend to work in the United States. Check your visa application – maybe you have applied for it when applying for the visa. If not, visit your local Social Security Administration office 10 days after your arrival. You will need to show your authorization to work in the United States, as well as a passport or a birth certificate.

    Hopefully, this guide was helpful in your move. Best of luck and welcome to Florida!

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