Moving Containers Vs. Truck Rentals

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    Relocating your family is a life-changing event. This entire complicated process has to go smooth and safe. Furthermore, if you want to do everything without delays or unnecessary expenses, you need to take the time and weigh all options. Packing and transporting your possessions is the bread and butter of all moving. If you fail at those, you are not going to have a good time. Often the best choice is hiring a moving company. However, sometimes you will choose to do things on your own. When you are deciding on moving containers vs. truck rentals, there are many factors to consider.

    If you engage in this entire process without thinking through, you have to prepare yourself for unexpected expenses. We hope that this useful guide will help you decide in which direction to go.

    Moving containers

    If we talk about moving containers vs. truck rentals, we need to understand the benefits and downsides of both options.

    Moving container is a storage unit used to store your belongings when moving to another location. Professional moving companies rent them for a reasonable price, and there are many reasons why you should consider renting one for yourself.

    moving container on snow
    Moving containers withstand extreme temperatures to keep your belongings secure

    How it works

    It is relatively simple to rent a moving container. First, you need to decide whether you want to move your items, store them, or do both. If you’re going to use the right container for storage, you need to decide on the location. Moving companies offer their facilities, but you also have the option to store them at your place. Next, you have to choose the size of the container, and arrange a date and time for delivery. The last step would be to decide on the duration you wish to use the container.

    Once your transition is complete, the moving company delivers the container at your location. After you unload all your possessions, the company takes it to the next customer.

    Types of moving containers

    There is a wide range of various kinds of containers you can use. They are divided by size and usage:

    • 7-foot container
    • 12-foot container
    • 16-foot container
    • 1-800-PACK-RAT
    • U-Haul’s U-Box Containers
    • United Mayflower’s Containers
    • ABF U-Pack ReloCubes
    Moving containers in different colors
    There are many types of containers to choose from

    They all have different usage, so do research online to learn more about these containers. Looking into affordable storage South Florida can be a starting point. It will help in the process of deciding between moving containers vs. truck rentals. As a result, you will be able to plan your move to fit your budget.

    The cost of moving containers

    There are a couple of factors that affect the price of moving containers:

    • Size of the container
    • The duration of the rental
    • The number of miles you are moving

    The cost for a long distance move can go as low as 800$.

    Moreover, if you choose to store the container at your location, you will pay around 100$ or more, as this is decided by the factors as mentioned above. Therefore, you will be getting an excellent service at a reasonable price. Consequently, you will avoid higher expenses. In other words, you will save some money.

    Truck rentals

    While it may be true that moving containers come at a cheaper cost, there are many reasons why you should go with a truck rental. When talking about a moving container vs. truck rental, we have to look at more than just the price. Check with your local Miami movers for more information.

    A row of moving trucks
    Choosing between moving containers vs. truck rentals depends on the size of your move

    Selecting a rental truck

    The first step would be to choose the right vehicle. This mostly depends on the size of your belongings. Companies measure all your packed boxes and decide on the size of the truck you need. Check with any affordable small load moving company how many rooms a truck can hold.

    Driver’s age

    You have to be at least 21 years old to be able to drive a rental truck. In some states, this limit is 18 years old, but you have to pay extra. For drivers between 21 and 24, there are some vehicle restrictions. If you above 25 years old, there are no restrictions.

    Adding drivers is also an option, and they all need to have a valid driver’s license. Our best advice is to check with your local truck rental company about any additional information.

    Cost of a rental truck

    Here is where it gets tricky, as many hidden fees can raise the price of a rental truck. When deciding on moving containers vs. truck rentals, do not skip to check the fine print.

    First things first, you are responsible for the gasoline, as the company will not pay for this. With the rising price of gas, you can never calculate the cost precisely. This is especially important for long distance movers.

    Second,  there are time restrictions on using the rental truck. The moving company decides on when you need to return it. Consequently, if you miss the deadline, you will face additional fees.

    Next, you can drive a truck for only a set number of miles. If you go past that number, you have to pay more. To name a few more, you have meals, accommodation, insurance. All these factors can help you decide between moving containers vs. truck rentals.

    Moving containers vs. truck rentals

    Here is where you decide between moving containers vs. truck rentals. Let’s sum up what we learned so far.

    Moving containers are cheaper, and you can pick the right size and store it on any location you want. The moving company will transfer them to the desired location whenever you need them. It is important to say that you will not have access to any possessions stored in a moving container until the company delivers it to you.

    With this being said, truck rentals offer more control. You can drive them whenever you want, although it has to be in a time frame set by the contract. You have access to all your belongings, but it will cost you more, and it has many hidden fees.

    Most of the times your budget decides for you, but still, it is essential that you know all the possibilities. Good luck and may you choose the best between moving containers vs. truck rentals!

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