Moving a Piano is Really as Hard as it Looks

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    Moving a Piano is Really as Hard as it Looks

    Your precious piano got inside your house somehow, so obviously you should be able to get it out….Right? Many Florida residents think the same, looking at the piano the same way they do a household appliance. However, moving a piano is nothing like an appliance, and when done wrong can destroy the entire instrument.

    The Problem With Moving a Piano

    If you have moved your piano inside of your home, then you already know that it is much heavier than it looks. They are especially awkward, and if yours is an upright piano, it is top heavy as well. With top heavy items you have to take special care to ensure that they don’t topple over when being lifted and carried.

    Adding to the trouble is the fragility of a piano. They may look sturdy from the outside, but there is a complexity of fragile parts inside that are easily damaged during transport. One must be extremely careful to ensure that these parts stay intact during the move.

    You not only risk damage to the piano when moving it, you risk hurting yourself and damage to your home. Staircases, corners and elevators only exacerbate the risk. Your best option is in hiring professional movers in Florida who have experience with moving these types of specialty items.

    Protecting the Piano

    The first step is to ensure that the keys are not damaged in the move. If you have a locking lid, make sure that it is in place. If there is no lock, don’t use tape to hold it. Tape can destroy the finish and leave permanent markings on the surface of the piano. Instead, add extra padding to the keys before wrapping the entire piano in moving blankets. Use packing tape to keep those blankets closed tight, but don’t allow any to come into contact with the piano.

    Packing blankets protect the piano, and the walls of your home. With no sharp edges, you will avoid scraping paint or chipping at wood.

    Things to Avoid When Moving a Piano

    A piano should never be lifted by its legs, as these are extremely vulnerable. If there are no stairs to hinder the transport, you should roll the piano on its wheels, or use a dolly designed for heavy objects. If not, several professionals will be needed to lift the piano in unison. When making your way down stairs or a ramp, position the piano so that at least 2 people are in front to support the weight.

    Inside of a moving van, a piano should be secured against the wall and tied into place to prevent tipping during transport. Never place the piano on its side or back as this could cause irreparable damage.

    There is no escaping the need for having a piano tuned once settled into your new home. Moving a piano takes an unavoidable toll on the inner mechanisms, but a quick visit from a professional tuner will having it sounding right in no time at all.

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