How to Move from a Big City to Miami

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    How to Move from a Big City to Miami

    You have decided to leave one busy city life and exchange it for the one in Miami. Great decision! The largest metro area in the Sunshine State, as Florida is called, is a great change of pace from many major cities in the United States. But, before you move, here’s a short list of tips and tricks for making your move from a big city to Miami.

    Moving from a big city to Miami will take some preparation
    Does your previous big city compare?

    Before Moving from a Big City to Miami

    Are you still only thinking of whether or not to move to Miami? Then the first task would be to research the city. You will want to research the cost of living first. Check various neighborhoods, check the costs of venues and groceries and utilities. If you already have a job in Miami, compare the prices. If not, then move to the next step.

    Research the job market. Go online and look at the ads. Start sending your resumes to employers before moving and see if you get an offer you like. This is important because you do not want to end up in a job that does not cover your cost of living, and ending up forced to move again.

    Keep in mind that many people are moving from big city to Miami so job hunting can be a tough process – don’t give up!

    Research Miami itself

    If you are in the market for buying real estate, research the Miami neighborhoods you find interesting and appealing to you. Look into the school districts, dog parks, shopping malls – anything that might be of interest to you. Make a list of some of your top pics, and focus on those when hunting for real estate.

    Many opt to use public transport in Miami
    Many opt to use public transport in Miami

    Finally, research the transportation in Miami. Hint: sometimes it can be horrible. The traffic in Miami is usually slow. Expect people to be late because they have been stuck in traffic. Decide whether you’ll be taking your car with you, or if you’ll move by public transport. Doing the research is pretty important when moving from a big city to Miami.

    If you are renting a home, you will need proper documentation after you have found a place you like. You’ll need previous landlord references, a written recommendation from a previous landlord (if possible), as well as a bank statement and credit card records. It’s also good to have some blank checks with you for viewing. Some landlords might ask for other documents, so be sure to check with them before moving.

    Finally, you will need some professional Miami movers.

    Hire Professional Movers

    Even though it may seem like you can move from a big city to Miami by yourself, we recommend you get some professional Miami long distance movers. There are multiple reasons for you to make this choice. 

    Professional movers save your time. They will do the packing and you will be free to take care of other important business. They are also professional for a reason – they have been doing this for a long time. If there’s an easier way to pack heavy, clunky object – they will know it.

    Safety is also a great concern. Packing those objects like pianos and pool tables, wardrobes and mirrors can be tough. Leave it to professionals. Also, if something gets broken or lost, you will have a warranty for your items.

    At the end of the day, when you add up all the expenses you might suffer through if moving from a big city to Miami by yourself, hiring professional cheap Miami movers is more affordable.

    The Move from a Big City to Miami

    Now let’s get to the move from your big city to Miami itself. You might be tempted to call your friends to help you pack, but here’s an idea – save that card for after you have moved. Then invite them over to your new Miami place, put some music on and get them to help to unpack. Many people forget that unpacking is just as hard (or sometimes harder) than packing.

    This is why it’s also a great idea to play the layout ahead. By knowing where each box goes, you’ll be more organized and it will be easier to unpack.

    Take your valuables with you when moving from big city to Miami
    Take your valuables with you when moving from big city to Miami

    There is one thing you should probably not let movers handle – and that’s prized possessions. Small jewelry boxes, passports, and valuable documents are easy to carry with you. You should also have an overnight suitcase with you, just in case the moving truck is late because of the traffic on its way from your big city to Miami.

    After Moving from a Big City to Miami

    Finally, you have moved to Miami, and you’re ready to start your life. Now yet! There are still a couple of things that you need to do, first.

    If you had movers transport some heavy appliances like stoves and washing machines, check for damages. You warranty lasts only a while after you’ve moved, so this is a priority. Same goes with your furniture and smaller boxes. Check for anything damaged or missing, and report it as soon as possible.

    Of course, to check if your appliances are actually working, you will need electricity. It’s a good idea do set utilities up a week before the move, so you will already have everything up and running by the time you’re ready to unpack the boxes. Imagine you arrive at your new house at night only to find out there’s no light!

    Getting settle in Miami

    The next step in your move from a big city to Miami is to start establishing connections to the city. If you have children, visit their new schools and finish all the necessary paperwork. This is also a great chance to meet with administrative workers, and get to know some people. Also be sure to register to vote, because doing this just speeds up voting down the way. You need to change your documentation and mailing address as well. You may also want to check out the local vet if you’re planning on having pets, as well as stores and venues you’d frequently visit. If you have a vehicle, now would be the time to register it.

    Finally, the best way to get to know about your community, aside from participating in events, is getting subscriptions to local newspapers. You can also refresh your previous subscriptions at this time.

    After this is done, you have settled up and you’re ready to experience the unique city that is Miami. Welcome!

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