Most alluring cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida

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    Starting your own business is a huge success- congratulations! If you’ve decided you want to join the business world and become an entrepreneur, you must have numerous questions. From where to start your company, to how to minimize costs and financial losses, we know that you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most alluring cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida. You can choose the city that you like the best for your company. These cities are beaming with opportunities and your business will thrive whichever one you pick. You will also need the help of some of the finest moving companies Pompano Beach FL offers. Moving office equipment is no joke, and you will be safest with professionals by your side.

    Why start a business in Florida?

    Deciding to move to Florida can be the best decision you’ve ever made. If you are worrying about whether your small business will be able to thrive in the Sunshine State- it surely will! Florida is one of the states with the strongest economy in the country. With the countless beaches, theme parks, and entertainment options it’s no wonder why the tourism industry is its forte. However, what attracts young professionals to Florida most is the no income tax. You can start your business not worrying about paying additional taxes when it takes off. Combine that with home prices lower than in other top states young professionals flock to, and you’ll see the allure of Florida for entrepreneurs.

    man looking at the city thinking about the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida
    Florida is rich in places where young entrepreneurs can thrive.

    The best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida are waiting for you

    Deciding on where to start your business can put a lot of pressure on a person. After all, the success of your company depends on it. Luckily, Florida is rich in opportunities for young professionals and there are numerous cities to choose from. Wherever you decide to move, there are high chances your business will take off. With the help of reliable long distance movers South Florida has, moving will be enjoyable and you will be ready to focus on your company right after your relocation. Florida is a state of choice for many young professionals and for a good reason. It’s only a matter of personal preference and whether you like small or large cities. Consider these places in Florida to start your company:

    • Pompano Beach
    • Boca Raton
    • Lake Worth
    • Coral Gables
    • Miami Beach
    • Doral
    • Pembroke Pines
    • Palm Beach
    • Tampa
    • Winter Springs
    • Parkland

    Pompano Beach

    Low costs are the foundation of starting a successful business. Your company can’t thrive if you spend more on renting your office space and storage than what you earn. Pompano Beach is an excellent choice for young professionals for this reason exactly. The median home price in this Florida city is below the national average, which can work great for you if you want to turn your home partially into space for your business. With a population of 110,000 people and being a popular retirement destination, you can find many ways to exploit Pompano Beach’s opportunities. The city is flooded with young professionals, and being a destination that first-time entrepreneurs choose over and over when moving with local movers South Florida speaks volumes.

    Boca Raton

    Boca Raton is another fantastic option for all young entrepreneurs looking for the perfect place to start their business. It is a generally safe place and ranks as one of the best cities to live in Florida. Its exceptionally low crime rate is what makes it appealing to young professionals and families alike. You won’t regret calling moving companies Boca Raton has at its disposal to handle your relocation to this amazing place. The biggest advantage of this small city is its proximity to Miami. Being just a short  20-minute ride away means that you will reap all the benefits of having your business located in Miami and living in a calmer area if that’s something you strive for.

    woman smiling
    Boca Raton is one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida.

    Lake Worth

    With a population of only 37,000, Lake Worth is a place for those young professionals seeking a small-town charm instead of the city rush. Local businesses are thriving and thanks to that, no one lacks employment opportunities in this charming city. If you want to relocate with movers Lake Worth offers, and start your company here, you will not be disappointed. The property prices are below the national average, and the cost of living is about the same as the US average. This means you will not have to set apart huge sums of money for housing, utilities, and groceries, but instead, you can focus on investing all your hard-earned cash into your business.

    Coral Gables

    Ranking high on the lists of the best neighborhoods in Miami, Coral Gables is one of the most appealing places for young entrepreneurs for a reason. While the median home price is above the national average going over $800,000, the residents of Coral Gables are happy to pay that price. With the average income being in the six-figure range and the low crime rates, you will understand that this is the neighborhood that the Miami elite chooses. So, if you want to start a business offering luxury items or services, Coral Gables will give you all the resources for your company to bloom. Movers Coral Gables has at its disposal are skilled professionals ready to relocate you to this premium Miami suburb whenever you wish.

    Miami Beach

    Home to close to 83,000 people, Miami Beach is one of those places that is neither too big nor too small. A.K.A ideal for young professionals starting their careers. Not only does it offer plenty of good business opportunities, but Miami Beach is the capital of fun. You can work from the beach bar and always find some type of entertainment after you finish your workday. Although the cost of living and housing prices are slightly above average, movers Miami Beach has are always busy. Hire yours as soon as possible, and start living your dream life by the beach while also running a successful business- it’s possible!

    laptop on a white desk
    Miami Beach will welcome all your business ideas.


    Another place on the list of best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida is Doral. This peaceful city might seem even too calm for a business to succeed there. However, this is one of the faster-growing cities in Florida with an extremely business-oriented population. It’s beaming with young professionals building their careers and businesses, and you will always find fresh faces in the city of Doral with ease. Living in a city with 75,000 residents means the density of population is not too high and the place is not overcrowded– ideal for starting small companies.

    Pembroke Pines

    Another hot location for all young professionals is Pembroke Pines. Home to around 170,000 people, this city is slightly larger than the two previously mentioned places. However, what works to its advantage best is its proximity to Miami, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale. You can locate your business in the more urban areas and live in a calm Pembroke Pines neighborhood. In fact, the city has been ranked as one of the top places in the state for families with children due to excellent schools and safe, quiet neighborhoods. Movers Pembroke Pines can vouch for the appeal this place has. Although the cost of living and housing prices are slightly above the national average, the median income per household is also higher than the US average. You can run your business successfully in Pembroke Pines with no fear of financial losses.

    Palm Beach

    If your dream has always been to live near a beach, Palm Beach could be your dream come true! The city of Palm Beach is also known as an ideal alternative to Miami if you’re not a fan of living in an overcrowded metropolis. Palm Beach is also a good place for young adults planning on starting their own business due to very favorable tax laws that are in force right now. All these tax enforcements serve to promote new small businesses and grow the community of Palm Beach even further. Moving to one of the most prosperous areas of Florida will be easy with the many reputable moving companies Palm Beach has to offer. The best part is, the beach is never far away so you’ll be able to relax after a day of hard work whenever you please.

    a man sitting in the chair looking through the window
    You will have a balanced life in Palm Beach as an entrepreneur.


    With a population of 388,000 people, Tampa is one of those cities perfect for people who love a mix of suburban and urban areas. Ideal for young entrepreneurs, this city ranks high on the list of the most alluring cities in Florida. Not only does it provide top-notch opportunities for entertainment and unwinding after a stressful day at work, but it’s also rich in companies ready to make new partners and further improve their business. This, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t start a company on your own and lead it to success. On the contrary, if you have a new, fresh idea for something the city doesn’t already offer- your business is deemed to thrive.

    You can also choose the area you want to live in according to your liking. If you are a fan of living in the city center in a small apartment, you will find plenty of offers. On the other hand, if living in the suburbs is more your thing, there are numerous great neighborhoods you will enjoy.

    business man in a suit
    Tampa is one of the best places in Florida for young professionals starting their careers.

    Winter Springs

    Does a small, picturesque city on the lake with a population of 38,000 sound appealing? Then Winter Springs is the place for you! With a low crime rate and high median household income, the city ranks as one of the best cities to live in the entire country. What makes it alluring to young professionals is the proximity of Orlando. This makes it very possible for you to work with the top Orlando businesses and live your dream in a small city by the lake. However, you can also start a business in Winter Springs. Chances are it will take off and become successful!


    With a crime rate 75% lower than the national average, and the median household income over double the US average, Parkland is a clear choice for any young entrepreneur looking to start their business in a prosperous area. The high income also draws higher than average home prices as well as the cost of living. However, don’t write Parkland off based on these pieces of information thinking it’s too expensive. On the contrary, the cost of living is only slightly above the US average, as well as the median home price. You can always find a home that will fit your budget. What’s not so easy to find is a place where your new business can flourish and Parkland is definitely it.

    man in a suit fixing his tie moving to one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida
    Parkland is a place where you can exploit your new business to its full potential.

    Move your business to one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida, you won’t regret it

    Whichever city you choose to move to and start your business in you will not make a mistake. Florida is flooded with places filled with great potential for small businesses. Some of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Florida are on our list, but there are many more we haven’t included. You can hardly go wrong based on the fact that any city in the Miami megalopolis area is a fantastic place to start your company. Finding the right movers for your relocation will work wonders to reduce the stress of moving and preparing your business for opening. Good luck with your endeavors!


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