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    Miami relocation to Orlando guide

    In case you’ve grown tired of the Miami scenery and are looking for a change, here’s a quick solution. A quick fix of not going that far, but making a complete change – moving to that Orlando fairy tale. So reach out to the best professional moving team in Miami and schedule your relocation to Orlando today.

    Relocation to Orlando – breaking the stereotype

    Understandably, you’ve most likely developed a certain image in your mind of what Orlando is like. Home of the kingdom that is Disney World, you must think it is the happiest place in the world. And it does contribute significantly to the image of the city, but is far from defining it. Orlando is an living and breathing entity that has so much more to offer than theme parks.

    This “East Coast Hollywood” is the epicenter of the entertainment industry when it comes to Florida. Just some of the many perks that you can count on are:

    • Developed and lively music scene
    • Largest singe-store mall in US
    • A whole lot of golf courses

    And these are just some out of the top of my head. But no worries, we have a complete set of guidelines ready to make your relocation to Orlando as smooth as possible.

    Neighborhoods to consider when planning your relocation to Orlando

    With a population of over 2 million, O-town is the central jewel piece of Florida, with a plethora of neighborhoods. Not focusing on the already established Kissimmee and Sanford areas (Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld), Orlando can accommodate all living requirements. Since it is comprised of over a hundred neighborhoods, Orlando has a working balance between the suburban and business aspect. To name a few larger parts:

    Winter Park – what you would consider “old money” type of neighborhood. The cobblestones streets are enriched with museums and boutiques, with Rollins College as the epicenter of cultural gatherings.

    College Park – a modest neighborhood named by the many college-inspired street names within an earshot of downtown Orlando. The residents are well-balanced in terms of young and old, all living in homes both charming and affordable.
    East Orlando – carries all the promise of a student borough: dynamic, diverse, a bit hectic etc. What defines is as such is the fact that it is the home to the University of Central Florida (UCF) – one of the largest universities in the US. Due to its student-oriented demographic, the are is quite affordable and characterized with rentable single family homes.Lake Nona -initially projected as a golfing paradise ranging over 7000 acres, it has evolved into a balanced neighborhood. One that offers a wide range of housing options for various socioeconomic backgrounds.Celebration – the residents of which define it as an independent “city within a city”, even though it is a part of Kissimmee. But if you are looking for that picture-perfect American town with pedestrian traffic and a squeaky clean town center – look no further.

    Choice of schools when moving to Orlando

    Ensure your future with the help of a highly developed educational epicenter that is Orlando.
    Home to the 2nd largest college in the US, Orlando has well established schooling foundation.

    With 178 schools and over a 175,000 students, Orlando is one of the largest school districts in the country. Operated by Orange County Public Schools, the schools are divided into six Learning Communities:

    • North
    • East
    • West
    • Southeast
    • Southwest
    • Central

    And to add to that, O-town is home to many a reputable universities – UCF, Valencia College, NSU, FSU, Seminole SCF etc.

    Finding work before/after your relocation to Orlando

    Since it is the epicenter of tourism and entertainment, Orlando has a strong grip on unemployment rates. Finding work should be easy enough for anyone looking to join the Orlando entertainment families. And when you consider that tourism brings in over 50 million tourists annually, you can bet that help is always needed. Just consider that Disney World alone hires  around 60,000 people and you have yourself an image of job opportunities.

    The expenses of residing in Orlando

    Just as any top tourist destination, Orlando is not what one might call cheap. However, given that you’re moving in from Miami, it’s not going to be that much of a difference in price. And plus, you can qualify for the Homestead tax exemption, which can save you $750 annually.

    When it comes to rentals, your everyday one-bedroom apartments can range from $600 to $1,500. So with an average income of $45,000, you can still maintain a normal everyday lifestyle.

    Culture & Entertainment

    Even though the global image of Orlando is focused on theme parks, it has a whole lot more to offer under the surface. To start with, the city of Orland has deep historical Native American roots.

    Relocation to Orlando is like magic - it just happens.
    Transitioning from Heat to Magic might seem hard at first, but in time you won’t even notice it.

    Culture-wise, it is a cradle of social events such as theaters, ballets, the philharmonic, all garnished with plenty of art ad history museums. You can enjoy the Winter Park Playhouse and the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, and you’ll also be in close proximity to the Kennedy Space Center. Many local festivals are held throughout the year including the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival and the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays.

    Sport-wise, O-town is home to two major league professional sports teams:

    • Orlando Magic NBA team
    • Orlando City Soccer Club

    Resources required for your relocation to Orlando from Miami

    Relocation to Orlando it all the easier when you have the right tools and people for the job.
    Ensure a smooth relocation to Orlando by securing the services of a professional Miami mover.

    There are plenty of Miami moving specialists able to assist you with the relocation to Orlando. So be sure to research and get a moving estimate from several companies before making a decision. Consult guides on how to choose the ideal moving company and which mistakes to avoid when planning your relocation. Since you are looking at an interstate relocation, there are still plenty of factors to consider:

    • Real estate
    • Transportation costs
    • Packing and unpacking
    • Insurance

    Bonus tips for your relocation to Orlando

    • Since Orlando is such a popular tourist attraction, traffic jams are something of a necessity. So steel your patience for a lot of gridlock traffic when going to work.
    • Make sure that you have your GPS up & running at all times, since constructions are always under way somewhere. In addition to this, keep yourself updated through radio and online city information. The Orlando Sentinel is the second largest newspaper in Florida, so you can find all up-to-date information that you need there.
    • Never underestimate the possibility of a hurricane occurring. So have a survival kit prepared for such an incident, since you never know.
    • Cypress and Palmetto trees are common in the Orlando area, as well as potential unfamiliar wildlife such as armadillos, turtles, manatees and cranes. Another thing you can encounter are gators, so beware when jumping into lakes or ponds.

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