Miami relocation – get around like a local

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    Miami relocation – get around like a local

    It is a common fact that Miami is a city of fun, entertainment and socializing. If you are considering a Miami relocation, you’ve probably been wondering how locals live there. You must be wondering – what makes a certain spot in Miami feel local? Well, locals in Miami go to places that have a good vibe. You can find locals in a place that’s approachable, stylish and has a familiar feeling to it.

    miami skyline
    After you move to Miami, find locals in a place that’s approachable, stylish and has a familiar feeling to it. That will make you feel like a local for sure!

    Locals are used to avoiding typical tourist traps like $18-$24 cocktails. They appreciate bars and restaurants that are locally owned and operated. After your Miami relocation, if you want to feel like a local you will go to places where you can run into your neighbors. In the same time, it feels really good to socialize in the place that feels like it’s still undiscovered by masses of tourists.

    Before packing your bags and hiring reliable movers to relocate you, take a look at this short guide to a local life in Miami!

    After Miami relocation, eat and drink like a local

    After your Miami relocation, you shouldn’t miss this city’s best places to eat and drink. Miami is one of those cities that doesn’t lack interesting places for fine dining. Even the biggest food enthusiasts can find their favorite place to eat.

    • If you are a healthy lifestyle fan, you should check out the Icebox. This is a restaurant where you can find a solid wine list, many healthy food options, and home-made cakes.
    • Locals who love sushi usually go to Pubbelly Sushi and love their delicious and creative sushi bites. This place offers tapas and it’s perfect for stopping by and having a lighter meal.

      fine dining miami
      No matter what kind of food you love, Miami has something to offer for everyone’s taste!
    • For those who prefer pizza as their meal of choice, Lucali makes the best brick oven pizzas on the beach. The setting feels very homey and familiar, perfect for after beach drinks with your friends.
    • If you are a coffee lover, Miami has plenty of locally roasted coffee places you can visit. In South Beach, make sure to go Panther Coffee. This is the place to get relaxed, or set your laptop and do some work in the inspiring environment. For those who like vegan sweets, Panther Coffee probably has the best vegan cupcakes in Miami.

    South Beach

    Whether you go to South beach for a walk, a swim or water sports, try avoiding typical tourist traps of Ocean Drive and its surrounding streets. One of the greatest places to hang around is at Sunset Harbour. This part of the city has become its own micro-neighborhood. It is overlooking the Biscayne Bay and makes a beautiful romantic feeling of Miami. It is the place where you can find some of the favorite restaurants, bars and local stores in the city. The best part of the Sunset Harbour is that it is easily reachable – has a central parking garage.

    sunset harbor
    If you’re looking to find some of the favorite restaurants, bars and local stores in the city, go to Sunset Harbor.


    After your Miami relocation, you will probably be tempted to go shopping all over the city. Make sure not to spend your money carelessly after your Miami relocation. If you wish to shop like a local in Miami, take a look at some places that locals love to visit for shopping:

    • Frankie is where locals come for shopping for clothes and accessories. If you’re in the mood for spending some money for a trendy and chic outfit, this is the place to go. You’ll be ready for a special night out!
    • Market is a place for sopping on a budget. In this store, you can go and buy some trendy everyday basics.
    • For guys who love shopping for clothes, there is Sunset Clothing Co.


    If there is something Miami is famous for, it’s the nightlife. After your Miami relocation, going to the bar to relax with a couple of drinks is something you shouldn’t miss.

    If you come to Bay Club late, you can dance off the food you enjoyed for dinner. Order one of the many delicious cocktails this place has to offer and keep the party going.

    If you enjoy long walks on South beach, go for drinks at Sweet Liberty bar. It’s conceived by Miami’s famous mixologist John Lermayer. Besides sweet cocktails, this place also has some interesting snacks like cauliflower nachos. This bar is a must-see destination in Miami for cocktail lovers.

    For ones who want to experience the full beach bar excitement in Miami, there’s a famous Mac’s Club Deuce. This one is South Beach’s ultimate dive bar. Its atmosphere is pretty dark and dingy, with a casual feel to it. It has a pool table, drinks are very affordable. This bar is perfect for hipsters and ones who like relaxing in an old-school themed bar.


    One of the best ways to feel like local in Miami is to enjoy water sports. If you are a beach enthusiast Miami is a perfect city for you! Take a look at some of the most popular water-related activities you can try out:

    miami watersports
    Enjoying watersports activities in Miami will make you feel like a local in no time!
    • Diving – This activity is as interesting for singles as it is for families. Diving between artificial and natural reefs of various depths can be a whole day activity. You will find yourself exploring the most beautiful archeological preserves in various underwater parks.
    • Deep sea fishing – This one is a whole day activity for fishing enthusiasts. You can enjoy deep sea fishing in Miami for fun, food or just for sport.
    • SnorkelingThe best Miami beach activity for families with children. Miami coast has a beautiful, colorful underwater wilderness. The best way to explore it is to snorkel through the Biscayne Bay.
    • Sailing – Take a look at Miami’s beauty from its best viewpoint – the water! Choose a yacht, a boat or a sailboat and you will never find a better view over the city of Miami.
    • Kayaking and canoeing. The best time for kayaking or canoeing is during the sunset. It’s best for sports enthusiasts and active couples. Go rent a kayak and see the nature in its more romantic setting.

    Afro Caribbean culture

    For those who love exploring Miamian culture, Afro Caribbean culture spots are something not to miss. The ethnic and culturally diverse history of Afro Caribbean immigrants is a huge part of Miami. Check out the Little Haiti neighborhood – it has become a colorful center of Miami’s art communities. Everything from small businesses like record stores, authentic food places, and kitsch bars are very much worth exploring. After your Miami relocation, make sure you feel the culture of the city like a local and enjoy everyday life in this city!

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