Long Distance DIY Relocation – yay or nay?

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    Thinking about Long Distance DIY Relocation? Wondering if it’s even possible to deal with something like that, but still being curious and want to save some money during relocating? Well, when it comes to long distance moving, everything becomes more complicated. The best way to deal with long-distance relocating is to make a plan. It should include all things pertaining to the move – the costs, packing, transportation, time and all other important things. And if you’re in doubt what you should do to hire movers or try DIY, you need to write down all details. You need to see the pros and cons of a long distance DIY relocation. Of course, DIY has many benefits, but also risks of unexpected things and accidents. If you want to decide what is best – to hire movers or do long distance DIY moving, check our article below.

    A woman holding long distance DIY relocation packing supplies
    Using DIY materials, rather than buying boxes and bubble wraps can save you money.

    Long Distance DIY Relocation without hiring a moving company  

    Nay! Just don’t think about this if you want to move across the country. The large house means you will need to pack and relocate ALL things by yourself! And imagine relocating all those things and driving more than 500 miles? It’s just losing time and nerves, and you will be exhausted. Long-distance movers will pack and load everything in one day, and then they will relocate things to your new location.

    friedns hanging around
    Gather some friends to help you with the heavy lifting!

    Of course, this may be costly but you won’t have to think about everything. And if you pick moving insurance you will be stressless, because your things will be safe. Saving money and lower costs sometimes are not worth your nerves and time. Hiring a moving company is a more economical and a better option for long distance moving. To conclude, long-distance moving, like moving to Fort Lauderdale, requires hiring a professional moving company in order to get a fast and safe relocation.  

    Using DIY materials instead of buying boxes

    Yay! Among long distance DIY relocation benefits is saving money. But how can you save money during relocating? From packing! Imagine you have to buy boxes and other packing supplies, or paying for special fancy boxes of moving companies? This part of the DIY allows you to choose. Instead of paying, you can ask your neighbors and local stores for free boxes. As a substitute for bubble pack, you can use towels, clothes, magazines, and newspapers. Instead of boxes, you can use trash bags! Trash bags are cool because you can relocate various stuff in them, from clothes to kitchen tools. And fragile items can be wrapped in sandwich bags, and secured with clothes. Just think outside the box! 

    Using your own car

    Nay! Consider using your own car during the long distance DIY relocation? Just don’t! Using your car or another vehicle, when it comes to short distance moves, may be a good option, but long-distance moving will take you a couple of days to relocate. And let’s not mention how much money you would spend on petrol. Also, there are certain Florida parking rules to know on moving day that you need to think of, so using a car might be just another worry.

    A man behind a steering wheel - Long Distance DIY relocation with your car
    You can relocate a lot of things with your own vehicle, but renting a truck can speed up your moving time.

    Besides, professional movers will know how to load a truck in order not to damage or break your items. Transporting your belongings in a car won’t provide much protection. It will look like a mess, and surely something will break. If you have fragile and expensive things they don’t think about relocating with your own car on a long distance.  

    Pack with friends

    Yay! People usually hire movers because they can’t pack all the things by themselves. Just be honest, you can’t relocate all furniture by yourself. Not all people can deal with heavy lifting and loading the truck. But, instead of hiring movers, you can ask your family members, friends, and neighbors for help. This is a great thing to save some money with long distance DIY relocation. Your movers would like to pick boxes and load them, and with your friends, you can pack everything as you wish.

    man thinking over laptop
    Sometimes long distance DIY relocation can cause you more trouble than bring you benefits and money saving.

    A couple of friends are able to work as good as a couple of movers. Moreover, after the heavy lifting is done you need some fun things to do in Miami at night – and there are no better people for that than your friends! 

    DIY allows you to control your time 

    Yay! You will be able to control your time and plan everything based on your own schedule. This is a great benefit when it comes to long distance DIY relocation. Besides time, you are in complete control over the entire relocating process. You can pick the days you want, you can choose packing materials, you can choose a vehicle for transportation, and others. All in all, you have enough flexibility to decide when you are going to do certain things. You can pack your things today, but because of your work, you can start with the relocation next week. When you hire movers, sometimes you will get the answer that they’re already booked and you can’t pick the day you want.  

    Long distance DIY relocation is less stressful?

    Nay! Even if you can plan everything by yourself and make a to-do list for every day, we must say that DIY is not less stressful than hiring professional movers. Hiring movers can save you time, but also save your nerves. Generally speaking, movers can save you from many moving stresses, accidents and possible problems. They can load the moving truck for just a couple of hours, and imagine how much exhausted you would be to load your car or rented the van for a couple of days? And lifting all heavy furniture? Hell no. Hiring movers will set you free from all that stress. And if you decide to hire movers, check long distance movers Florida and their amazing offers! 

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