What is the largest moving truck you can rent?

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    When you’re doing large-scale moving, you know you just can’t do it properly without an adequate vehicle. And, by adequate, we mean large. Moving trucks come in all shapes and sizes. From a small 3-ton truck to a monster with eight-cylinder engines and unholy amounts of horsepower, you can definitely find what you need. However, the largest moving trucks are certainly somewhere in between. You won’t need a massive monster truck if you’re moving next door, but anything further than that, and you’ll need a decent vehicle. Below, we will discuss what is the largest moving truck you can rent.

    However, before you start looking for the largest moving truck you can rent, consider this

    Whether you will go for the largest moving truck you can rent or something smaller depends on many factors. For example, what are you moving? If you’re moving a small apartment, then you really do not need a twin-turbo monster of fourteen tons. What you need there is a large van. However, if you’re moving an office, or you’re moving a large house, then you definitely do need the largest moving truck you can rent.

    “But how do I do the calculation?”

    Well, there are many things that you need to factor in when deciding if you need the largest moving truck you can rent. For this purpose, you need to check if you’ve got on of the following:

    • Several bedrooms;
    • Lots of heavy and bulky furnishings;
    • Boxes – piles and piles of boxes.

    Of course, there are other things you should take into consideration, such as your own budget. Naturally, bigger trucks are more expensive, and, if you’re DIY-moving, you need to account for everything. There’s no single way to calculate all this, but the smaller truck you get, the better. It will be a lesser strain on the budget.

    This white moving truck on a Manhattan downtown street is the largest moving truck you can rent.
    The largest moving truck you can rent will satisfy your need for space.

    Also, mind the fuel economy!

    This is a very simple concept and one which is easy to understand, but it’s also extremely important. This is why we will go over it one more time. The largest moving truck you can rent, as you already know, probably has the horsepower of a Ferrari, if not more. This is because car engines (even when it comes to racing cars) and trucks do not belong to the same category of vehicles. A 200 horsepower truck is relatively slow. A 200 horsepower car is a racing car.

    With horsepower comes to fuel consumption. It doesn’t matter if it’s petrol or diesel. However, on average, diesel does spend way less fuel. With that in mind, if you’re low on money, and don’t have that much stuff to move, going with the largest moving truck you can rent is preposterous. Higher prices and a lower fuel economy will be an expense.

    What are the truck sizes?

    There are countless. The largest moving truck you can rent comes from U-haul, and it’s 26 feet (around 8 meters) long. The fuel economy of such trucks is about 10 miles a gallon (24 liters per 100 kilometers) which is not that good. There are some other specifications with regards to the models that are on the market. If you have an interest in such things, or just want a quality driving experience, then you should also take a look at the truck specifications. For example:

    • Seat number (2 or 3);
    • Transmission (manual, semi-automatic, automatic);
    • Whether it has an AC – if it does, if it’s standard or automatic;
    • Whether it has power steering;
    • You should also see if moving ramps are in the package.
    Sometimes, a small yellow Volkswagen van is enough if you don't have that much to move.
    Sometimes, a van is more than enough, for example, when you’re moving a small apartment.

    Of course, there are smaller trucks on the menu

    Let’s say that you don’t need the largest moving truck you can rent right now. A smaller truck will do. But what to choose, out of so many options? Well, we can’t tell you a specific model, simply because every customer is different and every customer needs something different than the last. However, we can provide you with some general guidelines on which you can base your decision.

    The size of the containment part

    This is the most relevant part of the moving truck, for obvious reasons. After all, you’re moving, not going on a pleasant cruise across the country. Basically, you will want to calculate the volume of the items you’re transporting. If you miscalculate, you will take the wrong truck. If you take the wrong truck, you will lose a lot of space while trying to jam everything inside. It’s like playing three-dimensional Tetris. This is why you have to prepare in advance. If you need to check for dimensions, you can get free boxes in Miami and use them as a crude, yet effective, form of measurement.

    The length of the truck

    This measurement determines how much stuff can you fit across the ramp. It’s important because you don’t want your bed or wardrobe to stick out. That’s dangerous, and mostly against traffic safety laws. This is why you have to make sure that all the dimensions fit if you’re not going for the largest moving truck you can rent.

    This grey truck on the right side of the highway is the safest option when you're moving a lot of stuff.
    However, going with the biggest available truck can’t hurt if you’re not sure about the specifics.

    You also need to check the suspension

    Some people have stuff that is just too heavy for the truck to handle. When that happens, it usually takes two smaller trucks to move said person’s belongings. This is why you need to determine if the truck you’re renting can handle the mass. The suspension will bear the bulk of the strain, and it may break under sufficient mass. Therefore, what we recommend here is to ask the truck rental company experts to estimate if the truck can handle such mass. The truck may be robust, but its suspension has lots of components, some of which are sensitive. This is simply a fact of the modern automotive industry.

    If there is any trouble, consider hiring the experts

    Aside from moving and truck renting, you can always, just in case, consider our Florida storage options. In case you need to make the run twice with a van or a small truck, we’re here for you. So, why don’t you contact the experts about this issue and start moving to your dream destination ASAP?

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