Keep Calm: You Have Planned Well For This Move

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    Keep Calm: You Have Planned Well For This Move

    Everyone says that moving is one of life’s biggest stressors, but few people talk about why. No one likes to move because it is disruptive and creates chaos in your life. Moving messes with your familiarity, making you feel out of place for days or even weeks beforehand, and then for however long it takes you to feel comfortable in your new home. One way to cut down on that stress is by managing the chaos before it makes you lose control.

    Keep a Running List – This should be in a place where you will see it often, like stuck on your refrigerator door. It is here where you will note things that need to be done, and check off stuff that you’ve taken care of. Each time you have a moving related thought, jot it down here. This helps in making sure that nothing is forgotten. Extra Tip: Have a small notebook in your car or purse for writing stuff down that pops into your head when not at home. With so much on your mind, it’s common for important ideas to escape your mind as quickly as they popped into it.

    Get Your Packing Supplies Early – Having boxes, markers, and packing materials early will encourage you to get started on packing things you have no need for now. Go through the attic or basement, and take your time sorting through items and getting rid of things you don’t need while packing those that you do. Not being rushed will keep the chaos from creeping into your life during a move.

    Make Lists For Your Boxes

    Anticipate the confusion of moving into a new home in Fort Lauderdale. You can stifle some of it by packing right beforehand. Use a notebook to list the contents of your boxes, and label the boxes simply with numbers. This will help you in locating items in your new home with ease, rather than being forced to unpack all of your belongings right away.

    You can also buy large colored stickers to label those boxes that have to be unpacked immediately, like your kitchen, bath and bedroom supplies. Further enhance your organization efforts by color coding each specific room. This will also help your movers to place them in the proper place when bringing them to your new home.

    Hire Professional Movers in Southern Florida

    Having experts help you move alleviates a great deal of the chaos. A good moving company not only loads and unloads your stuff, they can be counted on to help you get supplies, pack boxes, and reassemble furniture. With their help, you can quickly turn the new house into one that you feel comfortable in.

    Take the chaos out of moving, and you are facing an event that you can get excited about. This may be a big change, but with the right steps it will be one that you look forward to and enjoy.

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