Is Your Home Based Business Ready for a Commercial Upgrade?

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    Is Your Home Based Business Ready for a Commercial Upgrade?

    You started your home based business with the hope of success, and now that you have found it, you find that your home lacks the space to support. With any successful entrepreneurship endeavor, real estate will become an issue at some point. Before moving a commercial enterprise in Lauderhill, or any other South Florida city, make sure that you know what you are getting into.

    Home based businesses tend to grow slowly, where one day you look around and realize that you no longer have the space you need to continue growing. If you are requiring more employees to assist you, or if your inventory is overflowing into your living spaces, it is time for a commercial relocation.

    Of course the first thing to think about is location. You’re used to having your business within feet of your bedroom, but that is all about to change. When looking into a commercial property for your business, work with a commercial real estate agent. With their help, you will want to look at each property carefully and consider the following:

    • The distance from your home
    • The demographics of the neighborhood and their need for your goods or services
    • The ease for customers to get to your location
    • Visibility of the storefront
    • Parking availability
    • The location of your competitors in comparison
    • The availability of skilled employees within proximity to the location
    • The zoning category of the location

    Commercial Relocation and Zoning Categories

    Setting up shop in Florida is no longer a matter of commercial versus residential zoning. Each city has a specific department in city hall that is devoted to real estate planning. This agency has the discretionary authority to approve or disapprove of your intended commercial relocation. A lot of this will be dependent on the type of goods or services you provide.

    Be prepared to “sell” your business plan to a review board that will advise you of any conditions your business must meet in order to be approved for the location. A good business attorney will help you in providing the necessary documentation to be approved for a commercial relocation.

    Commercial Relocation Logistics

    Once you have found an ideal spot for your home based business, and been approved for it, you next step is planning to move in. If you have a lot of stuff to bring into your new office or shop, have a local moving company help to move you in. Office equipment can be extremely delicate, even your computer system, and you don’t want to lose any of your resources as you move. Professional commercial movers can also help you in selecting the right time and day to move to make it as seamless as possible, without disrupting your normal business flow.

    Congratulations on reaching a point where you home based business is ready to graduate to a bigger league. This is a big moment in your entrepreneurship. You are about to become a true professional in the business world, take advantage of other professionals in order to make the transition a smooth one.

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