The Best Bet For Your Car in an Interstate Move

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    The Best Bet For Your Car in an Interstate Move

    When making a long distance move, one thing people tend to forget up until the last minute is their car. This is true for those moving into Miami from another state and for families who are leaving Southern Florida behind. In the excitement and planning of making that interstate move, homeowners overlook the fact that their vehicle will be moving too. Yet if and how you do this is a part of your move that should be planned out well in advance.

    Vehicle Transportation

    Vehicle transportation is an advantageous service for an individual or family that is moving long distance or to another state. The companies that provide this service take on the responsibility of getting your car to your new home with the promise of no damage or wear and tear. This is definitely worth considering if your relocation has any of the special circumstances:

    • You Will Be Flying to Your New Home – Someone who is moving to New York from Miramar may not want to have to deal with the driving to get there. Instead, they put a moving company in charge of their possessions and a professional vehicle transportation company in charge of their car, while they fly first class into JFK Airport.
    • Your Household has More Than One Car – Families that rely on two or more vehicles have to figure out how to get both of them to a new house when moving. Some will opt to drive one, and leave the other in the hands of a vehicle transportation company rather than split up or make two trips.
    • You Drive a Luxury Automobile – Not only will a long distance move rack up a lot of miles for your expensive car, it puts wear and tear on the engine, transmission and your tires. Using a professional car transport service will preserve the newness of your car and prevent any unfortunate mechanical damage.

    Should You Hire a Broker or Go Through the Carrier?

    There are two ways to go about finding a vehicle transportation company in your area. Your first option is a broker. They will find the company for you and make all of the arrangements, but they are not the company who will be doing the actual work of transporting your car. Your other option is to deal directly with the carrier. Not only is this usually the lesser expensive choice, it helps to ensure that you are comfortable with the company and their procedures for long distance moving of cars and vehicles.

    What to Look for in a Vehicle Transportation Company?

    Your main concern is in finding a company that is reliable, and has been fully licensed, bonded and insured to move vehicles in Florida. Your local moving company may be able to help you find affordable companies in your area to look into. Ask for references and check online review sites of any car moving company you are considering to get a feel for the level of service they have provided in the past.

    Is Towing Your Car the Better Option?

    When making a long distance move, some might consider towing their car themselves. While this is definitely the cheaper option, you also have to take into account the probability of damage to your vehicle. Check your car insurance policy to see if you will be covered if something were to happen to the vehicle while in transit.

    Professional moving companies are not equipped or insured to take on the towing of your vehicle for a long distance move. Not only is this a dangerous practice, it could add thousands of dollars to your quote just in insurance premiums. A professional carrier uses specialized trucks that carry your car rather than tow it, making it a safer and more secure method for transporting a vehicle across state lines.

    Is This is a Door to Door Service?

    Unlike your long distance moving company, there is no guarantee that your car will be collected and delivered at the front door. Some use specified drop off and pick up locations rather than having to deal with finding your house. Check the company’s policy and determine how close these locations are to your desired destinations before agreeing to any contract terms. You will need to take into account making arrangements to get to the terminal, both in your departing and destination city.

    When Not to Worry About Moving Your Car Interstate

    The added service of vehicle transportation can be very expensive, at times even rivaling the long distance relocation for your home goods. Compare the value of the car versus the cost of moving it professionally, to avoid making an investment that is not worth your while. There are likely just as many used car lots in the new city as in Miramar, and it shouldn’t take you long to find a replacement to get you to and from work.

    If you will be taking the car to your next home, make sure to begin planning as far in advance as you can. This will give you the time you need to research the available companies, get an affordable quote, and plan the logistics so that your vehicle is where you need it to be when you arrive at your new home.

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