Interstate Moving Regulations in Florida

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    Interstate Moving Regulations in Florida

    With moving scams being as common as they are, it’s important for people who are moving in Pembroke Park to be aware of the regulations and laws that govern reputable moving companies. Here are some of the rules that Florida interstate moving companies must follow.

    Florida Statutes Chapter 507

    Here in Florida, Chapter 507 of the Florida Statutes puts forth state-level regulations for both local and interstate moving. These regulations govern the insurance coverage that movers need to have, the documentation they must provide you, how they can give estimates, what payment they can accept, and other relevant things.

    Here are just a few examples of what movers are required to do, to comply with Florida laws:

    • Registration. Movers must be registered with the appropriate departments. They must register their company name, their addresses and telephone numbers, and other information. They must display proof of registration at their place of business.
    • Insurance coverage. Florida moving companies must provide evidence of liability insurance coverage. They may not limit their liability to anything less than sixty cents per pound. They must also have motor vehicle insurance.
    • Estimates and contracts. Before the moving company provides moving or accessorial services, they must provide you an estimate in writing that’s dated and signed. It must include certain specified information, and they are required to accept a certain number of valid forms of payment.
    • Delivery and storage of household goods. Movers must store and deliver your belongings, and must not refuse to relinquish them to a shipper. If you do not pay them for some reason, they may hold your belongings in storage until payment is tendered, but they must inform you of the location.
    • Violations. Florida interstate moving companies must not conduct business as a mover or moving broker, or identify themselves as such, if they are not registered with the department. They may not falsify or misrepresent any documentation.

    Regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

    Along with following state level regulations in Florida, interstate moving companies must also follow the regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    When you move, legitimate movers or moving brokers must provide you with the following information:

    • A written estimate
    • The “Ready to Move” brochure
    • Information about their arbitration program
    • Written notice about access to mover’s tariffs
    • Information about their claims handling process
    • A booklet entitled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” or a web link to the PDF.

    They may offer either non-binding estimates or binding estimates, which use different means to calculate the cost of your shipment. Both types of estimate must be in written form, and must be dated and signed. In Florida, estimates must be fully itemized.

    Interstate Moving Services in Pembroke Park

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