How will apartment moving benefit your kids

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    How will apartment moving benefit your kids

    So, you’re moving with your family to a new apartment in Cutler Bay and you’re already stressing out.

    The happy occasion of moving into a new home is completely overshadowed by the fear that your kids are not going to handle it well.

    Would you be surprised if you learned that not only that family moving with kids doesn’t have to be stressful, but that it could actually help your kids feel more mature? Here are 5 reasons why apartment moving will be beneficial for your children.

    1. Children will pick up new skills

    Don’t be afraid to include your children into everything you’ll be doing. From the planning, to the actual packing. They will pick up valuable skills along the way. List making, prioritizing, house cleaning, shopping for boxes, labeling, packing – these are all things your children will be able to learn if you include them.

    Children are curious by nature and like to feel useful. Grownups tend to ignore this, thinking that boring tasks will be done quicker if the children aren’t there to mess things up. But it doesn’t work that way. Children will get into your way and nag you, asking about what you’re doing. You’d be much quicker if you give them small, fun tasks to keep them occupied and useful.

    2. It will increase their independence

    With every new skill your children learn, they will feel more secure, more able and more independent. If you treat your kids like they are incapable of doing anything by themselves, you’re crushing their spirit.

    Apartment moving is a completely new experience for children and it’s a great opportunity to rely on their resourcefulness to deal with the tasks they are given. Moving to a new neighborhood will also be a challenge for your kids. They will have to learn where everything is and how to get around. Make sure that you don’t make a big deal out of it all. If you panic, your kids will pick up on that and will start to feel uncertain. If you keep your cool, they will be more at ease with the whole situation, knowing that they can come to you for help if anything goes wrong.

    3. It’s a great communication skills booster

    It will be a great opportunity for your kids to practice talking to people they are not comfortable with and they haven’t known for a very long time.

    Let the local movers you hire for helping you on your moving day, know that if they have any questions, they can also ask your kids. Also, the kids can tell the local movers how to handle their toys and where to put them in the new apartment.

    It’s important to have local movers, who are patient and kind to your kids. At Orange Movers, our professional team has a lot of experience with family moving. They know how to talk to the kids and will include them in the moving process to make them feel important and more at ease thus making the whole moving process, a breeze.

    4. Moving is great for dexterity

    Have your kids help you with packing, cleaning and repacking. It will develop their fine motor skills.

    Handling small objects, wrapping them, making boxes, labeling and sealing is a great way to work on dexterity.

    Let them pack their own stuff. Of course, you’ll be there to supervise and jump in, if any help is needed, but you’ll be surprised how much kids can do on their own. When cleaning, give them small chores. Dusting is an easy task that they’ll have no problem doing and will actually help you. Let them decide what their new room will look like. Help them set it up, but leave as much as you can for them to unpack.

    5. Kids will expand their circle of friends

    Social skills are extremely important. By moving to Cutler Bay, the whole family will have to make new acquaintances, which is especially crucial for children.

    First, they should get to know their own neighborhood. Meet some new friends at the local playground. After they get comfortable with each other, you can organize hangouts and play dates.

    The zoo is only a 15-minute-drive away from Cutler Bay. Ask some of the parents of your kids’ new friends if they would be up for a little field trip and take the kids to the zoo. Your children will get to interact with new friends while everyone is having a blast learning about animals.

    Don’t look at apartment moving with kids as an obstacle that your child will have to overcome. Instead, think of it as an opportunity for your family to spend some time together, doing things that aren’t usual. Be excited about apartment moving and work with your kids to making it a new home.

    Take the opportunity for your kids to communicate with the movers, and learn how to handle different tasks. Expand your social circle and enjoy exploring your new neighborhood together.

    Most importantly, use this event to come even more close, as a family.

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