How to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach

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    Holidays are really over. And even if you are a big fan of it, after the Chinese New Year, it is time to put down holiday decorations. If you don’t have enough space for all that lights, Christmas trees, and ornaments, you will find it very helpful to rent a storage unit. Find the best moving and storage company you can to help you. Find a reliable and experienced company and ask them anything you want. They could answer every question even how to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach.

    How to choose the best storage for you

    If this is the first time you are looking to rent a storage unit, you should know that there are many options and that you’ll be for sure able to find one that fits your needs. When you go to the interview, ask which storage services are available for you. Tell them what would be the best-case scenario for you and ask for an offer. Choose what suits you the best, whether it is to rent a unit for a short or a longer time.

    Try to find the best storage space for yourself.

    There are also differences when it comes to the unit size. Some people like to put in there their seasonal clothes and change them from one period of the year to the other. Others put in there their instruments or some other bulky stuff they don’t know where to put. If you are not sure you can ask the company how to pick the right storage size.

    How to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach

    If you are wondering how to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach, we are here to give you some ideas. We will tell you how to pack fragile items like these. If you are a really neat person and want to keep all your ornaments well organized, put them in different gallon bags from your kitchen, sorted by colors. After you do that, you can place them in the same container. Next year, you’ll be so thankful that you took the time to do this.

    store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach
    Here are some ideas on how to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach.

    Packing your Christmas tree

    If you want to store your artificial tree, you want it to stay safe, clean, and protected during the whole year until you need it again. And if you have a big one, then you know that it can take a lot of space. So, here is the idea on how to make it smaller, and also, to stay safer. After you bend all the branches, use plastic wrap to shrink them down. Don’t save on it, use as much as needed to protect it and make it smaller. Next year, you can just unwrap it and put the branch back in a fluffy shape.


    It can be so frustrating when your long strings of garlands get all messed up and twisted around other holiday decorations. So this is an idea to avoid that. You can put all your beads in a plastic water bottle. And don’t put more than two garlands in the same bottle.

    There are many ways to pack your ornaments

    The best and safer thing you can do is to use original ornament boxes. They are just the right size and just the right fit and they will save your ornaments in the perfect condition. But you didn’t save them, don’t worry. Go to your local liquor store and ask them for some wine boxes that have cardboard dividers. You can fold and cut them as you need. Now wrap each ornament in tissue paper and layer two or three of them into each slot. Have in mind to put heavier and bigger ones in the bottom.

    You can also use some egg cartons for those tiny trinkets or some shoeboxes for bigger baubles. Paper towel tubes can also be useful either for smaller pieces or for strings of beads. One other idea is to loop one ribbon on the wooden rods and then place it in the plastic bin. After you do that, hung your ornament on them. This is a great idea for ornaments that are not so fragile. But keep your favorite glass ones in individual containers.

    There are many different ways to pack your ornaments.

    We have one other idea on how to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach. You can use plastic cups that have been left from holiday parties. Put your ornaments in them to keep them safe. Even better is to glue down each cup to cardboard before you place ornaments in them. You could even provide a protective shell for those delicate decorations. If you are skillful in this, you can even make multiple layers if you put cups on top of each other and place them all into the plastic bin.

    Clothing rack as an investment

    If you really want to keep your decoration safe and want to invest in wreaths, here is an idea for you. You can buy some clothing racks and keep your decoration wrapped in them. That way they will be safe from dirt and you can hang them in the storage easily. Maybe you even have some clothing rack you don’t use, so this could be just a perfect opportunity for it.

    How to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach

    We do hope that we helped you with some ideas on how to store your holiday decorations in Pompano Beach. There are many great ideas and you can be really creative and make your things safe for storage. What you use will differ in accordance with the decoration you have, but we gave you some ideas so you can play with them. We have only one piece of advice for you. And that is to check if your moving and storage company are on the FMCSA’s list. If they are, then you know they work according to regulations and you can give them your trust. So don’t run for your decision on the company you’re about to give trust to. Once you make the decision you should really be content.


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