How to relocate your library?

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    As you know, relocation is a complex task that requires a lot of time, energy and planning. That is why the first rule of relocation is to start early. The earlier you start planning, organizing and executing the move, the more chances of success it has. And that means that it will be less stressful and there will be a lot less room for mistakes and damages. Relocation has many moving parts and it includes a lot of activities. For different types of belongings, you will be doing different actions. And that brings us to the question of how to relocate your library. You shouldn’t take this project lightly. Depending on the size of your library, it will take you more or less time to prepare, pack and transport everything to your new home. And then you have to unpack everything with some sense. But how to do that?

    Who is going to relocate your library?

    This question is very important, so you can know how much time this activity is going to consume. Unless you have only a couple of things to relocate, it is generally better to hire local movers Miami to handle your moving. Professionals will know exactly how to relocate your library or anything else. That’s why it is good to use their experience and knowledge. It will help you finish relocation much faster, without too much stress.

    relocate your library - five books and a cup of tea
    Are you doing this complex task by yourself or you are hiring help?

    However, if you decide to relocate by yourself, you have some serious work to do. Maybe you should think about just packing on your own, and let professionals take care of the rest. If not, you need to be strategic and play this very smart. Firstly, make a checklist, if you want to avoid forgetting anything. Secondly, stick to your checklist in order to maintain a planned timeline, so you could have enough time for everything.

    What are the steps to take in order to relocate your library?

    This is not something that you should do in five minutes. Especially if you want your library to stay organized after moving. So, we have prepared some tips to help you relocate your library the best way possible:

    • pack your books,
    • secure the boxes,
    • label the boxes properly,
    • load, transport and unload the boxes the right way,
    • unpack your books in order.

    Also, do you have some special shelves that you use for your library? If so, make sure to find the way to relocate them safely and soundly, too. That is one more reason to hire a reliable moving company in Miami. They will make sure to disassemble, relocate and reassemble your shelves in a professional way.

    Pack your books

    This may sound like an easy step to do, and if you have ten books, it really is. However, if you can’t seem to count your books, then you have quite of a challenge in front of you. As you know, books are heavy items to pack. That is why you need to be careful and think ahead. The most important thing is to get enough boxes, but they shouldn’t be too large. Make sure they are in a good condition because you want to avoid tearing due to the weight of books.

    Also, try to use anything you can to pack books, besides boxes. Take your suitcases and plastic bins and put them to good use. You will avoid the risk of ripping up the boxes and you will also save some money. Not to mention how much easier it would be to stroll the books in your suitcase, as opposed to carrying the boxes. And don’t forget to clean the books before you put them to boxes or suitcases. That will save you time to unpack and you will avoid bringing in dust in your new home right away.

    Secure the boxes

    Boxes, bins or suitcases, you need to make sure they are secured. Why? Firstly, because books are so heavy that they can hurt you or your movers. Secondly, because you want to avoid possible damages to them. So, make sure the boxes are properly closed and taped and not too full and heavy.

    Man holding books with a belt
    Make sure no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged while relocating your books

    Take good care about where are you putting those boxes. Any kind of water and moist are your enemy at this point. Especially if you are planning to use some storage Miami. In that case, you should be extra careful how you pack to relocate your library. Not to mention if it’s a hurricane season. Secure your boxes with additional plastic bags, and place some dry ones on the floor as well.

    Label the boxes properly

    This is crucial if you want to maintain the order when you relocate your library. Make sure to acquire labeling materials and to write clearly on the boxes. Write down the usual – where the box goes and that it is heavy lifting. However, don’t forget to write down what exactly is in the box.

    If you have your library organized by letters, make sure to write which letters are in the specific box. Do the same if you have them organized by genres. That will significantly help you when the time for unpacking comes.

    Load, transport and unload the boxes the right way

    When you load and unload the moving truck, be careful how you handle the boxes. You want to avoid dropping some on your feet. Or the falling inside the truck and damaging something else. So the biggest and heaviest boxes should go on the bottom of the truck. And you can use them to pile up other, lighter stuff.

    Home library and a TV
    Follow these steps and you will have your library set up at your new place in no time

    If you have decided to skip the hiring of moving professionals, be very careful with picking up and carrying the boxes. Not only they could tear up, but you could also hurt your back with heavy lifting.

    Unpack your books in order

    There is one great thing about this step. If you have followed all the previous steps to relocate your library, this one is going to be pretty easy. The books are already clean and organized in the boxes. All you have to do now is follow the labels on the boxes and start opening them in order of packing. Of course, before that make sure you have prepared a shelf for them. Maybe you will decide to make some changes along the way, but the hard part is over and very soon you will be able to relax in your old library at your new home.

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