How to Prevent Mold When Moving in South Florida

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    How to Prevent Mold When Moving in South Florida

    Moisture, heat, humidity and darkness… these are the prime conditions for mold growth. While we can prevent them in our air-conditioned homes, we open the door to these conditions when we’re moving, especially in South Florida. Use these tips to keep mold away from your family’s furniture, carpet, housewares and other goods.

    Prevent Mold Growth While Packing

    • Keep your packed boxes in an air conditioned space, not the garage. You don’t want to move your leather shoes, books or artwork into a humid garage or storage unit.
    • Using a portable storage unit? Your furnishings might spend too much time sitting in the 90-degree heat of a South Florida summer or, worse yet, the dampness of rainy season.
    • If you’re cleaning items with sprays or cleaners before packing, make sure you let them dry completely before sealing them in a box. Even a small amount of moisture can encourage mold spores to grow.
    • Don’t seal items tightly in sheets of plastic (unless it’s raining on moving day). The plastic can trap moisture and encourage mold growth.
    • Any liquids, cleaners or wet items should be packed in a separate box with stable packing to prevent spillage.

    During the Move and After

    • If cardboard boxes get exposed to water during the move or if it rains, unpack them immediately upon arrival or move the contents to another box.
    • If you suspect any of your items were exposed to mold or mildew, isolate or dispose of them to keep them from spreading mold to other items.
    • Depending on your situation, you might not move in at the same time as your furniture. If your items are being moved into an empty home awaiting your arrival, be sure to leave on the air conditioning while you’re away.
    • Is your new home completely mold-free? Check for cleanliness and be sure you’re not moving furnishings into a home with mold hiding in a closet or bathroom.

    Remember, all it takes is one small spot of mold to potentially damage your family’s home furnishings. Prevention is key! Learn how our experienced movers can help prepare and protect your property while moving. Contact us or call 786-453-4340.

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