How to prepare your employees for relocation?

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    The moment you tell your employees that the company is asking them to move to a new city, combines anxiety, fear and an immediate flurry of logistical considerations. As your staff prepares for the move, you want to take a good care of them. Moving is stressful, despite everything. So it is important that you take the initiative and prepare your employees for relocation. Doing that, you will also reduce office moving stress. This will lead to more happy employees, a smoother transition and a healthier profit.

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    Prepare your employees for relocation with our simple tips

    Therefore, we give you some tips to help you ensure that your staff has a smooth, stress-free move so everyone can return to work without problems.

    What can you do to prepare your employees for relocation?

    There are some things you can do to make the move easier for your employees. It will not take you much time, and your employees will be thankful. In addition, you will show them that you are also human who wants to make the life better. So, what should you do?

    Prepare your employees for the new city

    Make it as easy as possible for your employees to find their way by giving them a textbook about a new city. What are the best neighborhoods for families or for young professionals? What is the climate? Even better: send them on a pilot trip to see the new city, a new office and new quarters. Give them the opportunity to get the atmosphere of their future place and be excited by what the city has to offer.

    Help them with tax

    Get your legal team or HR to gather a brief information about which elements of the movement are tax-deductible. It is better to provide this information long before, so that staff can begin to track income and expenses. That way you will properly prepare your employees for relocation.

    Be clear about your moving policy and package

    How do you plan to compensate your employees for moving? Do you plan to cover part or all of the costs? Will you help the employee find new housing? Creating a strong working environment for your employees requires building trust through open communication. If the move is short-term, be as clear as possible regarding your expectations about the future of the employee. Similarly, provide space for employees to ask questions about this movement. They may have problems that you can make easier for everyone to feel more comfortable and confident about the move.

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    Inform employees about all costs, as well as the ones you are covering

    Help your employees take care of themselves in a timely manner

    To make your move even easier for your employees and allow them to focus on ensuring business continuity, your HR team can help with more tedious tasks such as creating bank accounts and transferring health insurance. They can also help by collecting information on requirements such as car registration, driver’s license changes and the registration of children in school. If there is public transportation, consider buying passes for your employees to help them easily go around their new city. These are tasks that cause a headache. So the more you help, the better they can feel about the move.

    Assist in finding temporary housing

    If you do not provide housing for your employees, help them identify options for temporary housing when they arrive. This can mean helping them find a discount in a long-term hotel room. Or finding a variety of different rental options for all furnished houses on Airbnb. You can arrange temporary accommodation or provide employees with a list of options. In any case, do not leave your staff struggling to find a landing pad for their move. They have enough to worry about.

    If they stay at a hotel room for some time, help them with their things. They probably have more stuff than they can put in a room. Therefore, look for storage facilities in Miami in order to help them save their belongings. After all, you are probably going to need it, too.

    If your employees have children, help them find options for school. Assign someone to contact the school districts to find out what information the previous school should provide. And what the family will need to know in order to start school smoothly.

    Hire a reputable moving company

    Regardless of how much effort you invest in other logistics, in the end, a professional and respected moving company will put everyone in peace. Your employees will be sure that their equipment and files will be organized. And that will allow them to focus on packaging and sorting their personal belongings. You can also provide them a list of Miami moving and storage companies, as well as help them decide. That way you can be sure that your employees’ belongings will reach their destination in time. Which will make your staff happier. And happy employees mean successful business.

    What do you actually get when you prepare your employees for relocation?

    Prepare your employees for relocation
    If you prepare your employees for relocation, they will gladly keep on working to increase your sales

    First of all, you get the safe move. If you help with everything that you can, it is certain that your business will not suffer. People who work for you will be satisfied, even though they changed their address. You have to understand that it is difficult for them to leave everything behind just because you are moving your company. But, they are doing it. And least you can do is to make sure that they move stress-free.

    Also, they will be more careful when packing your business equipment. You don’t want strangers to mess around your computers and files. It doesn’t mean that movers will do anything with it. But, it is much safer if your staff does the packing. After all, they know what to take and what to throw away better than anyone. And if you help them with everything, they will appreciate it. Finally, they will willingly get back to work. Therefore, prepare your employees for relocation in advance, and everything will finish the best way possible.

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