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    Think about doing some West Coast living? You’re living on the East Coast but dreaming about moving on the West Coast? Well, you’re not the only one. There is certainly something special and magical under the sky of the West. Beautiful beaches and city lights of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and other places attract tourists from the whole world, but also citizens from other states in America to relocate.

    What is it about the West Coast Living?

    West Coast living offers many benefits to its citizens such as lower costs, amazing IT job opportunities, friendly atmosphere, more diversity, beautiful weather, fun winter sports activities and many more. Isn’t it wonderful? Furthermore, if you’re one of those considering moving on the West Coast, and you’re wondering how to prepare for life there, we hope you’ll find this article helpful and interesting. Enjoy reading! 

    West Coast living with sandy beaches
    West Coast is a dream place for vacations! Among beautiful beaches of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Hawaii is just a quick 4.5-hour flight away, while Asia has never been closer!

    West Coast living: Lower costs of living as a housewarming gift

    Living on the East Coast is often very costly. High costs of living are the main reason citizens of New York decide to move on the Western coast of America. And floods and hurricanes on Florida are a real nightmare to its citizens. All in all, Western Coast living offers lower costs that will make your life easy. Moreover, while it varies from town to town, the costs are generally lower than on the East Coast.

    Spending money on power bills and saving money while living in Manhattan is almost impossible. Well, forget about that if you’re going to relocate to San Francisco! Instead, you will experience lower power bills and lower home maintenance costs! On the West, there is no freezing pipes, snow storms or heavy floods like in Florida.  


    skyline view from a wing of a plane
    Lazier and slower lifestyle. Healthier people. A happier atmosphere. You’ll find it all if you decide to try West Coast Living.


    Miami movers are the best professional moving company if you’re living in Florida and want to relocate on the West. Lower costs are a good reason for moving. According to that, home insurance cost is much lower. Moreover, during temperatures, in many places, there is no need for using air conditioning to heat or cool rooms.  

    Are you into IT and tech? This is your dreamland

    Although New York City is considered to be the best city to find your dream job, West Coast Living offers the best opportunities when it comes to IT and tech-related jobs. Furthermore, the fact is that the economy on the West, just like job opportunities, is growing strong. Beside all industries, the tech industry is booming and turning a lot of money on the West Coast. If you’re into IT and looking for a job as a software engineer or developer, you may get rich on the West! Even more, companies like Twitch, Facebook, Slack, Financial Engines and Lytx are some in the ocean of West Coast companies that offer job opportunities. Finally, while relocating, you’ll need more space for your items to be safe so check storage North Miami Beach to secure your belongings! 

    Hiking, skiing, and swimming as your everyday activities!

    Besides swimming and surfing on beautiful long beaches, people on the West Coast adore winter sports! Furthermore, West Coast Living is giving you a chance to try some of them! Hiking, skiing, and snowboarding may become your new favorite outdoor activity! Winter sports fans say that hiking and skiing on the West Coast are better than anywhere else in the U.S.

    skyline view of a west coast living
    In many cities on the West Coast, there is no need for using air conditioning to cool or heat rooms due to temperatures. 

    In the West, you can also find the most beautiful public forests and mountains with amazing ski resorts. Furthermore, Lake Tahoe and Whistler have 11,000 feet high mountain resorts whereas the East Coast has icy Killington in Vermont and the Catskills in New York. Moreover, if you ever get a chance to live on the West Coast, you’ll surely become a winter sports fan. So read up on a few most important nationwide relocation tips.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather

    Heavy rains? Heavy snowstorms? Hurricanes and floods? Forget about that. Moreover, consider West Coast Living if you adore beautiful weather. Sunny California and warm days on beaches of San Francisco are the things to behold! Forget about freezing or driving on icy roads. Moreover, enjoy the sun almost every day and don’t think about the weather. Sunshine is what makes people happy, so it’s not strange that many celebrities choose to live on the West Coast.

    West Coast Living – Feel a diversity

    Living on the West brings more diversity into your life. Here, you’ll meet people of all races and nationalities. A lot of people from Latin America and Asia, too! Moreover, new friends from other parts of the world, isn’t that exciting? You’ll maybe learn Spanish language, Hawaii dance or how to cook ramen. West Coast living brings slower and lazier lifestyle. Enjoy a healthier and happier atmosphere! 

    If we consider benefits in one list we see: 

    • lower costs of living,
    • IT jobs opportunities, 
    • more diversity, 
    • beautiful weather,
    • amazing winter outdoor activities,
    • friendly atmosphere, 
    • slower and lazier lifestyle.

    You can now see clearly the differences between living on the West and East Coast. Moreover, if you are tired of the fast lifestyle, high costs of living, lack of free time, thinking about the job all day, and you want to experience a slower and less stressful lifestyle, you should definitely move to the West Coast. The happier and healthier atmosphere is something you will enjoy every day – not only on weekends. You’ll make new friends in the parks, beaches, and nature, not only at a bar or restaurants. Prepare for more social activities outdoor!

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