How to prepare for moving to Seattle?

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    How to prepare for moving to Seattle?

    How to prepare for moving to Seattle? Simple apartment move can be comparable to a natural disaster. The turmoil, excitement and almost guaranteed damage. In general, it is understandable why many look at changing addresses with an inner shudder. How to avoid reasons for unnecessary disorders by saving time, nerves and even money? We are ready to share some very simple and useful recommendations.

    Seattle skyline
    If you are moving to Seattle, you should prepare carefully

    How to start preparing for moving to Seattle?

    With a good preliminary work, either you decide to do everything yourself or hire specialists for long distance moves in Miami. It depends on the quality of preparation for the move whether it will turn out to be a pain for you or everything will go smoothly. Work will have to be on two fronts. Solving organizational issues and actually preparing things to move to Seattle. The main recommendation for this stage is to get down to business in advance. It’s ideal if you have a couple of weeks extra.

    When is it better to move to Seattle?

    If possible, schedule a transfer for a weekday. Because of understandable reasons, it does not work for everyone. So it’s easy to explain why it’s not so simple to find a car and loaders on weekends or holidays. Especially if it is the end or the beginning of the month. During this period, those who have experienced changes in rental housing are actively moving. Besides, the “season peak” is at the very end and the beginning of the calendar year. For many, this is also the beginning of a new life in a new place. Do not forget about the weather, characteristics of different seasons. You will agree that moving to Seattle is more pleasant when the weather is warm and dry.

    What will you need to pack things?

    Stock up with a wide tape, rope, bubble wrap and stretch film. You can find all of that in any hypermarket for construction and repair. They also offer the most suitable container for moving – cardboard boxes. If you are not planning to spend too much money on packing, there are ways to get cheap packing supplies.

    Moving boxes
    You are going to need a lot of moving boxes

    Pay attention to the quality of the product. Special slots on the sides for easy carrying, may not be as important as the confidence that the box will withstand the move. In addition, avoid too large boxes. It can be heavy even to move them, and not to mention carrying them. It will be the trouble if the box suddenly remains without a bottom and all the contents.

    Take another pack or two of large plastic bags for garbage. Even if you do not put anything in them, they can come in handy as additional protection against dirt and dust.

    In what order should you prepare things?

    Begin with the contents of the far shelves (do not forget the balcony, if you also use it for storage). Most likely, all these things you use infrequently and you will easily manage without them in the days before the Seattle move. You can even put them in some Miami storage. Actually, the necessity is the main criteria. Follow it until you are left with the most necessary. It will be able to pack that just a couple of hours before moving. Just do not forget to label the package appropriately so that you can quickly find and use it in a new place.

    Preparation of fragile and valuable things will require particular attention and time. For example, family crystal and porcelain, expensive household appliances and, of course, furniture. That is the reason why it is better to start packing in advance. By the way, moving is a good reason to revise your belongings and just throw out everything you don’t need.

    How to pack everything?

    Although bags are preferable to moving containers, they are quite suitable for transportation of blankets, pillows, part of seasonal clothing. To ensure that the packaging is not too flimsy, use not one bag, but two or three. Keep track of the weight: if the burden is too heavy, the bags will simply tear. If possible, wrap the bundle with tape: so you strengthen the packaging. And at the same time, you can make a strong handle-loop. It will be more convenient to take and carry.

    You should pack books, magazines, albums, expensive CDs in boxes. If you don’t transfer it very far, you can put it into piles and bandage, placing each pile in a bag, so as not to get dirty on the road. In any case, remember the weight: even a small box full of polygraphy becomes simply unbearable. In order to avoid this, books should occupy half of the box, and in the rest should be easier things.

    Books in the box
    Make sure that your books are packed properly

    At the same time, it is important that the content of the box is packed tightly. Otherwise, it will break. In addition, you can’t stock such boxes, because the upper just crush the bottom. And do not forget to strengthen the boxes with tape, especially the bottom.

    How to protect fragile and expensive things?

    For packing valuable items, of course, it is better to choose individual packaging. Well, or take a bubble wrap or stretch film, paper, scotch and make individual packaging yourself.

    The dishes should be transported strictly vertically. Otherwise, the serving items may not bear excessive pressure from above. For large mirrors, plasma TVs and all that, we recommend a solid wooden crate, especially when it’s a big move to a long distance. At worst, cardboard, film, and scotch will help again. Of course, it will not be superfluous to mark packages with a fragile and valuable cargo.

    It is not always necessary to disassemble furniture before moving to Seattle. But nothing should remain inside, including loose shelves, glasses, mirrors. To protect the exterior surfaces, do not be cheap on the film, like baggage packers at airports. You should protect especially critical places (corners) with cardboard. Also, you should do that with large-sized household appliances – a refrigerator and a washing machine. After packing, ensure free access to large items: loaders will take them out first.

    Let’s summarize

    What should you do to prepare for your Seattle moving?

    1. Start preparing for moving to Seattle as soon as possible.
    2. Schedule your move for a weekday, when the weather is warm.
    3. Make sure you have enough wide tape, rope, bubble wrap, stretch film and cardboard boxes.
    4. First, pack the things you are not going to need few days before the relocation to Seattle.
    5. Make sure that you pack your valuable and expensive things safely.

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