How to prepare for a temporary move

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    Even though it marks a big change in someone’s life, moving doesn’t always need to be a permanent thing. Simply put, sometimes you need to leave your home for a couple of months, or a year. Whether it’s for school, work, or because you need to do some work on your home that makes it uninhabitable. And even though you may have moved before, doing a temporary move might confuse you. How much does it differ from the usual thing? What exactly should you pack? Do you need to find good storage Miami for your things? In this article, we discuss the most important things you need to do in order to prepare for your temporary move.

    Think about the housing when doing a temporary move

    A key in the lock.
    Where you will live matters.

    The first thing you will need to find when doing a short-time move is a home. Depending on why you are moving, the options to find short-term housing might be different. For example, if you are moving to college, then you might be able to get a dorm room. You can also try to find a roommate and get an off-campus apartment for you.

    If you are moving for work, however, there are different options. Your employer might already have a solution for you, or they might need you to find something yourself. Where you will live will also depend on how long you plan on staying in your new location. One of the first options you can look into is short-term leases. These go for both rental houses and apartments, but sometimes can be hard to find. Some might even argue that a month-to-month lease is super rare. However, a six-month lease might be something easier to find. When getting a lease like this, make sure you know whether or not you will get furniture as well. Then, add the security deposit to your budget too.

    Another option is for your employer to find an already furnished, temporary apartment. These are sometimes known as corporate housing, and they come along with your relocation package. They have everything you might need – kitchen supplies as well as appliances, bedding and towels, utilities and even more. These usually don’t require a lease and you can live there for a certain amount of time – depending on your temporary move.

    Packing – the biggest worry of temporary movers

    When it comes to temporary leaving your home, packing might be the biggest problem for everyone. How much do you take? How much do you leave behind? Do you find a storage or do you leave everything else behind? These, of course, all wary on your own situation. It depends just how long you are staying. Also, where you are going will inform your decision about what to take.

    A man with a suitcase after his temporary move.
    Packing might be the biggest problem.

    First, figure out how many things you have. This is easy once you divide them into groups. Get clothes together, electronics in the other group, accessories, toiletries, trinkets… From there, you can easily decide what you will need in the upcoming months and what you won’t really need to bring with you. Think about where you will live when making this decision.

    Packing for the temporary move

    For example, the clothes you take with you will be tied to the weather at your new destination. If you are going somewhere warm, like with local movers Miami, you won’t need any winter clothes. However, if your temporary move is to Alaska, then you might want to leave your short sleeves at home. Then, think about the dress code at your new school/office. You will need to bring the clothes that fit that bill as well. The fewer items you take with you, the less it will cost, so be careful with this.

    Moving boxes.
    Think well about the items you will need.

    When it comes to other groups, you simply need to decide what you can’t live without, and what is just a nice thing to have with you. Let’s say you are working on your laptop a lot. Then, you will want to bring it with you for sure. A nice rule of the thumb is to think about when the last time was that you used an item. If it is more than several months back, then you probably won’t need to use it again in the months ahead. Of course, make a group of things that you will need to use immediately after the move, so you don’t forget to pack them later.

    Do you need to worry about storage?

    Usually, you do not need storage when you are doing a temporary move. You will come back to your home, and your things will wait for you there. However, there are a couple of things to consider that might help you make up your mind:

    • Talk to the employer if they will cover the storage facility expenses during your temporary move. Figure out if you need to find the storage yourself or if they have a partner.
    • Think about the size of the storage. Will you need something small, or a large unit?
    • How close the storage facility is to your new residence.
    • What the security and insurance policies are within your company and the storage company itself.
    • Will you be renting your home while living away?

    Just like finding quick movers for your temporary move, you should also take care when finding a storage company. Make sure you look for them well. Don’t settle on the first storage company you find – there might be a better one just down the road. Make sure you visit a couple of storages before you settle down. Even if one is a fifteen-minute walk further from your home, it may be a lot cheaper than those closer to you. You should also get some recommendations, and call the people to ask them about the facilities. Then, check for the reviews online and see what the people say. You want a facility that offers protection and security for your items – so make sure you find one!

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