How to prepare appliances for relocation

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    A whole process of moving is difficult for those who move for the first time. But did you know what is among the most difficult parts of relocation? Disassembling, packing, lifting and loading heavy furniture and appliances. Home appliances are the big challenge of relocation. You need to know how to unplug and disassemble them properly. If you don’t read the manuals and you don’t own their original boxes and packages, this can give you serious headaches. Looking for useful tips to prepare appliances for relocation? We have prepared some easy steps you should follow and ease your relocation. Let’s start!

    Check their condition before you prepare appliances for relocation

    Relocating to a new home usually means buying new appliances. If you already have some new appliances and you want to move them – great. But if there are some old appliances, check their condition before moving. Why? This can save your money. Don’t pay for relocating appliances that don’t work properly or are damaged. Move less. Professional movers charge by the hour, but also by the weight of shipping. Get rid of old appliances and reduce moving costs.

    Gather packing supplies

    Before you start buying and searching for packing supplies, check if you already have original packaging and boxes for appliances. Original boxes will keep appliances safe during transport. If you don’t have original boxes, make sure you get moving boxes. Instead of buying, you can ask your local stores, warehouse, bookstores and neighbors if they have free boxes. There are many moving companies who offer excellent quality moving boxes that you can rent! Besides, you will need bubble wrapping and padding materials, but if you want to save money you can replace them with towels and old clothes.

    woman holding a moving box
    Packing appliances also means, packing fragile and expensive items like silverware, which needs extra protection during transport

    Deal with boxes

    When you choosing moving boxes to prepare appliances for relocation, think about if they are of great quality. They need to be water-resistant and keep appliances safe from moisture and bad weather. This especially refers to appliances which are using electricity and other types of energy. Did you wonder how many boxes are enough for appliances from your home? Experts say that for the kitchen of regular size, you will need around 5 large boxes with dimensions: 18 x 18 x 24. This should be enough to pack lightweight items like plastics and small appliances. You need 10 medium boxes for packing small appliances and silverware. For packing fragile items such as plates, glasses and bottles you will need 5 heavy-duty boxes. Just make sure you have enough tape for all boxes.

    Unplug and prepare appliances for relocation

    Maybe the most important thing before you start to prepare appliances for relocation is to unplug them. You will be surprised at how many people forget about this. Forgetting to unplug fridge and stove in time can cause various issues, especially if it’s about last-minute relocation. Start with cleaning appliances such as stove and fridge thoroughly. Clean the stove inside and out. If you own a gas stove, be careful, and make sure the gas is turned off before you start disconnecting the line.

    lady unplugs a device
    Don’t forget to turn off and unplug everything that uses electricity to prepare appliances for relocation.

    Clean and disassemble each appliance before packing

    It’s important to clean all appliances before packing and disassembling them. Imagine packing dirty plates and glasses into the same box. Don’t be lazy and pay attention to hygiene when you prepare appliances for location. If you own a microwave, check if something is inside or missing such as the glass tray inside. To provide maximum protection during transport pack everything in their original boxes, but if you don’t have such, you can use shoeboxes or free boxes. For small parts you can use sandwich bags to keep them together.

    Empty fridge and dishwasher

    This is something that may be familiar with you. People usually unplug the fridge and empty it when they want to clean it thoroughly. Well, you should do the same while moving. At least 24 hours before the move, unplug the refrigerator. After that, dispose of all perishables and clean it well.  When the freezer unit defrosts you can let all surfaces dry start with packing. If you own a dishwasher, you need to empty its units, and remove the utensil holder. If you have enough time you can clean the unit. When it’s dry you can use the tape to keep the door closed.

    prepare appliances for relocation - a girl with a fridge
    If you have left a lot of food, but you have to empty the refrigerator, use it for making awesome dishes for a farewell party or donate.

    Label the boxes

    It’s good to know how to prepare appliances for relocation easily, but also how to pack and label moving boxes. After you pack appliances, think about labeling the boxes. Labeling will ease professional movers’ job and loading the truck. Pay attention to expensive and fragile appliances and label FRAGILE on their boxes. This way, movers will know where to put them. You can label all boxes with names of the rooms they belong to, so you can unbox them later easily. Labeling the boxes will let you find what you need fast when you arrive at a new home. Sometimes it’s hard to find enough space to store all boxes until you finish the renovation of a new home. Among the best solutions is to rent a storage unit! If you’re interested, check Storage Miami Beach and pick the best size for you!

    Hire professional movers to help prepare appliances for relocation

    Moving decoration and small items from your household is easy, but if you need to pack appliances from your kitchen, think about whether you’re able to do it alone. If can’t manage to disassemble home appliances, even if you read the manuals, don’t lose your nerves. Get rid of stress and hire professional movers. Professional movers have long experience with moving large items.

    a picture of the stove
    Call professional movers if you’re not sure how to disassemble large appliances.

    Movers have the proper equipment and clothing, so they can easily avoid injuries and do the job faster than you. Hiring professional movers you’ll avoid the risk of damaging your items because they will load them properly into the moving truck. Relocating appliances can be exhausting and hard if you’re moving for the first time. Search the best moving companies Miami and move your appliances fast and efficient.

    Pack an essentials box

    When moving to a new home, people usually use the same appliances as before. An ordinary kitchen includes stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, dinnerware, juicer and other appliances. Make some priority when you start to prepare appliances for relocation. You are probably going to use them all, but not the first day after moving. Instead of making a mess, try to pack an essentials box. An essentials box is the first box you will open after moving. If you’re not sure what to pack, think about your daily routine. You certainly need to pack plates, glasses, forks, knives, as well as some cleaning materials, towels and cloths. Coffee addicts should pack coffee maker and mugs, too.

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