How to Plan a Short Term Move

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    How to Plan a Short Term Move

    Moving isn’t always a permanent change. There are plenty of reasons you might find yourself faced with the prospect of moving for a year or less, whether it’s for a work assignment, a semester at school, or to offer support to your family. If you’re about to start planning a short-term move you’ll have a different timeline and to-do list than if you were relocating to a permanent home. So how do you go about tackling a temporary move? Here are a few must-dos before you start packing your bags.

    • Research all your options. You’ll have a number of options when it comes to short-term housing, including renting a furnished apartment, staying with family or friends, and securing a flexible, month-to-month lease, so it’s important to determine which is right for your particular situation. If you have a permanent residence you will be returning to after your move, for example, it might make the most sense to rent a furnished place so you can keep your primary residence intact. If you’ll be heading somewhere new at the end of your short-term move, or if you aren’t entirely sure of your timeline in your new home, a month-to-month apartment lease might be a better choice.
    • Keep it simple. If you’re only going to be somewhere a short-time, there’s no need to move everything you own. Instead, bring only what you know you will use in the coming months, and put everything else in storage or leave it at your permanent home. The less you have to move, the easier your transition will be.
    • Hire help. Many times, short-term moves will take you far away. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ll be relocating to a different state, or even country, hiring a professional moving service to transport your belongings will be far less stressful and more efficient than trying to accomplish your move alone. This is especially the case if you’re somewhere that’s more than a few hours’ drive away.

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