How to Plan a Long-Distance Move

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    How to Plan a Long-Distance Move

    There are plenty of reasons to move out-of-state: from family, to work, to a simple preference for a different type of climate or culture. Whatever your reason, however, moving across state lines is a major undertaking, one that takes advanced planning and preparation. Here’s what you need to know to make your interstate move smooth, stress-free, and successful.

    Start your research early. One of the best ways to ensure you move to a place you love is to research early and often. Even within a single state, different regions vary greatly in terms of culture, population density, climate, and price, so it’s wise to spend time in a variety of areas before settling on permanent home.

    Consider renting first. It’s a lot harder to sell a home than to break a lease, so if you’re not 100% certain you’re going to love your new location or you’re considering a few different areas, rent first. Choose an area you think you’d like to live in so you can take some time to explore different towns and neighborhoods before making a long-term commitment.

    Hire the right help. There’s enough to plan when you’re moving to a new part of the country, so hiring help in the form of experienced movers can save a ton of stress. A qualified interstate moving service will not only be able to help you reduce the physical labor of your move, but can also take over the logistical aspects, too, by creating a custom, step-by-step move plan.

    Know your costs. An interstate move is obviously more expensive than if you were to move a couple of towns away from your old home, so it’s important to get a number of different moving quotes to see what fits within your budget. Most moving companies will be able to tailor their services to meet your price point. What can you expect your move to cost? According to the American Moving & Storage Association, the average cost to move across state lines is $5,630 based on hiring four movers to relocate a 7,100 lb shipment, however your final cost will vary based on the weight of the items you are moving, and the distance you’re moving them.

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