How to pick reputable and cheap movers in South Florida

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    South Florida is quite a unique region of both Florida and the United States. It is where Miami metro area is, as well as the lovely Florida Keys. Not only that, though! It is the only part of the United States that has a tropical climate! This, amongst many others, are the reasons people are moving to the area. However, everyone needs help for moving to South Florida – getting a professional and reliable moving company can reduce a lot of stress, and save you a lot of time. And in today’s article, find out how to pick reputable and cheap movers in South Florida.

    Why getting reputable and cheap movers in South Florida is important

    As we have already mentioned, moving takes a lot of time. It is also quite a stressful job. This is why getting reputable and cheap movers is really important. Good movers will:

    • have experience with moving to South Florida,
    • have the proper tools and equipment for the move,
    • be professional, reputable and cheap movers in South Florida.

    Having bad movers can not only cost you money but will only cause you more stress. You want a moving help that will actually help you. Unprofessional movers can stretch you thin – you will not only have to worry about your part of the job but theirs too. So, how do you find South Florida movers you can count on? What are the red flags to look out for?

    Hire reputable and cheap movers in South Florida locally

    One of the first things to look out for when searching for short distance movers is that they operate in your area. It is much more convenient to work with people you can actually talk to and hold a meeting. Moreso, movers that operate only via the Internet should not be trusted and could be looking to scam you.

    Map of Florida - where you can find cheap and reputable movers.
    Florida has many great moving companies.

    And while it is true that you can find a reputable and cheap moving company over the Internet, you should be able to schedule a meeting with them. When you are looking into which moving company to pick, you should consider visiting their office. Talking to the manager and checking out their equipment might be just what you need to be sure about a company.

    Be careful when getting estimates

    When talking about estimates, you should arrange an in-home visit by a company representative. Be wary of the companies that do estimates over the Internet or the phone. They can never get the information they need for a good estimate that way. An estimator needs to come to your home and look through your stuff.

    Also, pay attention to how the company representative behaves when visiting your home. Are they thorough with their job, or just taking a quick glance at your things? Maybe they asking you questions about ways in which to transport your items? Are they communicative and professional? All these can give you a taste of the services the moving company offers.

    Finally, be wary of any estimate that is exceedingly low. Moving takes a lot of work, but it also costs. All companies should give you estimates that are more or less similar. Anything that pops out too much should raise a red flag for you. If an estimate is high, check what services are included in the offer.

    Check the company’s credentials

    There are multiple ways to check the company’s credentials. For example, if you are using Miami Movers to move from another state, you should check the U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) unique number. Each company that the Department of Transportation licensed gets their own number. It is like a company’s ID card. You can check the U.S. DOT number, as well as the motor carrier number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Here, you can also find other information about the company, like the insurance policies they have and other useful information.

    Approved sign - reputable and cheap movers in South Florida need to be approved.
    Make sure your moving company is approved.

    As far as the Florida moves go, they are regulated by Florida’s Department of Agriculture (Division of Consumers Services). The movers need to have IM number, as well as a license and insurance.

    Reviews help in picking reputable and cheap movers in South Florida

    Another useful thing you can use when looking into reputable moving services are the review websites. One of the best is the Better Business Bureau website. There are many other moving companies review websites online, and they offer a lot of useful information. There are some things to keep in mind, however.

    Every moving company that has worked for a couple of years is bound to have a couple of negative reviews. That is perfectly normal and fine in the business world. Take note of what the reviewer is talking about to make an inquiry about it when talking to a company representative, however. Otherwise, you should not trust a moving company with no negative reviews. These can often be manufactured and might not be the most trustworthy.

    Talk to references

    Finally, another great thing you can do is get the company references. Write down their contact information, and their telephone number. You will want to call the references and talk to them. They can tell you about their moving experience, but can also give you tips for relocating to Florida.

    A telephone - call the references to talk to them.
    Make sure you talk to the references.

    When talking to a reference, be very thorough with your questions. You will want to make sure that the person is telling the truth, and is not a part of a fraudulent scheme. Ask them specific questions, like how long the packing or the transport take, what they were satisfied the most and what they were satisfied the least when moving with the said moving company. You will want as much information as you can get from them.

    Picking reputable and cheap movers in South Florida

    Finally, when you have done your research, it’s time to pick your company. By following the steps, you should end up with a couple of companies to pick, Now all you need to do is compare their estimates, as well as your personal thoughts about them. Good luck!

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