How to pack your home like a pro?

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    One of the hardest parts of moving to a new house is packing. There’s no going around it. You need to go over every single item in your home and decide whether you are taking it with you or not. Then, you need to figure out and find proper and cheap packing supplies, carefully pack everything and get it ready for the movers. After that, there comes the similar process of unpacking everything and settling into your new home. If you ever wondered what the best way to do this, then this article is for you. Today, we give you the best advice on how to pack your home like a pro.

    Be ruthless when you pack your home

    A man holding his fists up - he's ruthless when making decisions.
    Be ruthless when you pack your home.

    One of the most important things to remember when you pack your home is to be ruthless with your things. A lot of people think that it will be easier to pack everything, and then figure out whether they will need it once they are unpacking. This is wrong. No matter how much time before the move you have – you should not transport things you will not need. They will only take more space, and thus they will cost you more. On the other hand, tossing the things you don’t need prior to packing will only leave you with fewer things to pack, and with it – less work.

    So, start by going room to room. Decide where each item will go:

    • take it with you when you pack your home,
    • donate it or
    • throw it away.

    A useful rule of the thumb is that if you haven’t used an item in six months, then you should donate it or throw it away. This, of course, does not apply to the items you have a sentimental attachment to – like your wedding dress or your grandma’s letters. However, if there is a cute dress that you bought on sale but wore only one – maybe it’s time to find another owner for it.

    You might need help to pack your home

    Let’s face it – sorting out your things, and packing your home, will take some effort. This is why you will probably need help. When it comes to moving, this help comes in two ways – friends and family and movers and packers in Miami.

    When calling friends or family, there are a few things to always keep in mind. No matter how well-intended they might be, you need to give them a clear task to perform. Whether it is packing the things you are taking with you, or getting rid of your thrash – it’s up to you. However, assign tasks to every person, and get people you can rely on. Also, don’t forget to be a good friend and have refreshments and/or food ready for your friendly workers.

    Friends fist bumping - getting your friends to help pack your home can be helpful.
    Call your friends to help.

    On the other hand, if you don’t think you can rely on your close circle, you can call professionals. However, keep in mind that reliable packing services cost money. This may not be a more frugal solution, but it might be a more effective and efficient one. Professional packers will have years of experience and will know exactly how to handle your things.

    Finally, you can also arrange for various services to pick up your throw away and donate piles. For example, if you have large furniture pieces that you are giving up, some non-profit organizations might love to take them. Just make sure to save your time by calling these services at the end of the sorting period. Otherwise, you will be running between sorting your things and getting rid of them, which will only drain you even more.

    Get packing supplies

    After everything is sorted, and only the things that will go to your new house are left, it’s time for you to get some packing supplies. Usually, you will need good, sturdy cardboard boxes, as well as some bubble wrap or packing paper, markers and packing tape. There are various ways in which you can get these. One of the fastest would be to visit a hardware store and just buy them.

    Various pens and paper - some of the supplies you will need when packing your home.
    Get all the supplies you might need.

    However, there are also other ways in which you can get free moving boxes. You can visit various local grocery and electronic stores and ask them if they have any they don’t use anymore. These are often pretty firm – to secure their goods – and the stores just throw them away after they received the merchandise. You can also get a couple of free boxes on the USPS website. They often free shipping supplies, and you can use the boxes they provide.

    Finally, you can ask around in your community or online. Maybe some of your friends and colleges have moved recently and they have boxes to get rid of. Also, a lot of websites online offer trading services, with people offering moving supplies for free.

    Packing your home

    Finally, after you have found supplies, you can start packing your home. Be careful when you pack – think about the best ways to utilize the supplies you have. There are a couple of guidelines to follow.

    Pack heavy items into small boxes, and light ones into big ones. This is so that the movers will be able to move the box. If a big box is filled to the brim with heavy items – it will be hard to move and someone might get injured.

    When packing different items, put the heaviest ones on the bottom. During the move, these will weight the box down. Otherwise, the heavy items might push the light ones down and damage them.

    Finally, if moving to Miami beach, get professional help. Sometimes, admitting that you just can’t pack your home by yourself. Maybe you don’t have enough time, or maybe your items are just too tough to figure out. Know that this is alright too. Professional movers are there to reduce your stress during the move. While they do the packing and moving, you can focus on other stuff – like getting paperwork ready or preparing your family and pets for the move. Good luck!

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