How to pack fragile items

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    Many things can go wrong during a move, and some we can lose forever. Items that have been very expensive, items that bind us to the most beautiful memories, things of great importance, belongings that are very expensive and luxurious, as well as items that can be easily broken, are the things that we need to pay particular attention when moving. These things often cannot be replaced by the same kind of new thing or money. As moving brings stress and tiredness to your body, you certainly don’t want to be sad, too, because you broke some of your fragile items during relocation. We’re going to show you some useful tips on how to pack fragile items! But if you don’t have much time and you’re not skillful enough, consider hiring North Miami Beach movers to relocate fragile items without stress. And now, let’s begin!

    Choose boxes of various sizes and materials

    Yes, when moving next door you can move items such as cushions, clothes, shoes and others in boxes, trash bags or plastic suitcases, but moving fragile items requires various boxes. If you’re about to pack fragile items, don’t use an extra-large box just because you think that’s right. If the box is much larger than the item and leaves a lot of extra space around it, the item can be easily damaged.

    pack fragile items
    Choose boxes of various sizes and materials to better protect fragile things.

    Even if you put bubble wrapping or paper, it won’t help, because everything will move around in transit. First, measure your items with a ruler and write down the dimensions, so you’ll know what sizes of boxes you need. Small tip: your box should allow two inches of extra space on all sides with the item inside. Do you want to save money and get free moving boxes? Check free moving boxes Miami and pick what you need.

    Explore packing materials when you pack fragile items

    When it comes to relocating fragile items, consider exploring different packing materials. You will need various packing supplies and materials to pack fragile items. Just go around your home and be creative! Pick whatever comes to your mind. We’ll just mention some of the best materials for packing fragile items:

    • Various-sized boxes
    • Packing tape
    • Bubble wrapping
    • Foam-in-bag
    • Craft paper
    • Newspapers and magazines
    • Old towels
    • Clothing
    • Corrugated inserts
    • Various types of cushioning…
    packing materials on the table
    Discover and gather all packing materials from your home before you start to pack fragile items.

    Pillow-top packing

    There are different fragile items. Fragile items are not just about glasses, mugs, perfume bottles and luxurious things. There are fragile items with a strange shape, which can’t be handled the same way as regular item made of glass. If you want to pack fragile items with an odd shape, place a blanket on the bottom of the box. Then, wrap the item carefully in a soft cloth and put it down. After that, place a small pillow on the top and seal up the box. And it’s done! But don’t forget to label it FRAGILE.

    Package cushioning

    Package cushioning is important when it comes to packing fragile items. Before you start to pack fragile items, meet with the cushioning. Package cushioning protects fragile items during relocation and shipment. During transport with moving truck, vibration and other impact shock occur, but cushioning can reduce that and prevent the damage. Cushioning is usually put inside the box and it’s made to absorb shock by crushing and deforming, loading/unloading, vibration and other. The most common package cushioning is often two to three inches thick. You can use various types of cushioning to protect your fragile items not just from vibrations, but from high temperatures, humidity and the pressure.

    Common types of cushioning

    We mentioned package cushioning above, but what can be considered package cushioning? Let’s see the most common types of cushioning you can use to protect fragile items.

    Bubble wrapping is probably the type of cushioning people use the most. It’s the most known type of cushioning and it consists of sheets of plastic film making small bubbles of air. You can use it to wrap the items. There are also types of air cushions and air pillows you can’t use as cushioning. You can also use several types of polymeric foams as cushioning. The most common is expanded polystyrene you know as Styrofoam. You can use various packing paper as cushioning material. Instead of using newspaper you can use heavier grades of paper to provide more weight-bearing ability. Professional movers, for example, usually wrap fragile items with several layers of kraft paper or embossed pulp before putting them into boxes.

    Tape up the boxes to pack fragile items

    Once you pack fragile items into moving boxes, make sure you seal them good and tape up. Tape gun and tape is a really inexpensive investment and they can save your life. Just load the tape gun with sealing tape and tape the bottom of the box carefully. If you want to add more protection against breakage, tape the box all around. If you’re packing fragile kitchen items, make sure you tape it extra.

    Label boxes with “FRAGILE”

    Remember that unexpected situations and accidents do happen. Just because you pack fragile items in an extra safe box with the maximum protection, doesn’t mean it won’t damage during transport. This is why you should write „FRAGILE“ on every box with fragile items inside. You can also write down „handle with care“ so your movers can pay more attention while loading the moving truck. Label the boxes and add extra protection to fragile items.

    a pile of moving boxes
    Label moving boxes by writing “FRAGILE” on the top, so movers can pay more attention to them while loading the truck.

    Hire professional movers to pack fragile items of great value

    Not all people are talented in packing fragile items. If you don’t have enough skill, or simply don’t have enough time because of your work or kids, consider hiring professional movers. Professional movers have the experience, skills and proper equipment to pack fragile items. They will provide packing supplies and handle them the right way. Just make sure you choose the moving insurance to minimize risks during relocation. Moving insurance is important for transporting fragile and expensive items. You can choose the basic coverage or paying full coverage in case the items are damaged or lost.

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