How to pack and move your antique furniture safely

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    There are just so many things that you need to take into account when getting ready for the move. Probably the hardest, most strenuous part of any move, however, is packing. Fretting about your items, thinking about the best possible way to pack them – all of this can put a lot of pressure and raise up your stress levels. And when these items are actually valuable antiques, this stress can only go up. However, there is a thing you can do when moving to Fort Lauderdale with your antiques. Preparing for the move can help you a lot! Knowing exactly how to pack and move your antique furniture safely will make the moving experience pleasurable and stressless. So, how do you do it? Find out in this article!

    Prepare to pack and move your antique furniture safely

    So, the first thing you want to do is start preparing for the move. You should probably leave about two months before the moving day for this. This will give you ample time to do everything easily and thoroughly. Of course, if your move is sudden, then you will need to hurry through these steps. Keep in mind, though, that they are important. You are setting up a basis for your move, and you want it to be stable.

    a list
    Create a list of all your antique items.

    Start by taking an inventory. You should know exactly what you are taking with you – and having lists of things will help. It will come in handy when you need to be sure you aren’t forgetting anything, but it will also give you a clear picture of just how many items you have. Maybe, thanks to them, you realize you have too much to carry and decide to opt for storage units Fort Lauderdale instead of taking everything with you. These lists will also come in handy later, when you are getting your things appraised. They will also help you make sure everything arrived intact, too.

    Then, before you pack and move your antique furniture safely, you should have them appraised. Usually, you don’t have to do this if you are moving them yourself. However, you will want to know their worth when working with professional movers. Only then will you be able to work out the appropriate insurance policy for these items. After that, all you need to do is clean them up, and your antiques are ready for packing!

    Packing up your antique furniture

    In order to pack your antiques properly, you need to follow three easy steps:

    1. disassemble everything so you can pack and move your antique furniture safely and with ease;
    2. bring in the packing materials;
    3. proceed with even more padding!

    People are usually pretty afraid of going forward with the first step. Disassembling furniture can be hard – and it can get pretty scary when it’s antique furniture you need to work with. A lot of people are scared that you might damage an item, or that it will lose its value. But believe us – it is much safer to disassemble what you can than to carry the whole piece as it is. Some antique furniture can get pretty huge and clunky, which makes transit difficult. Of course, you won’t need to disassemble something that you know you shouldn’t – but if you can, go for it!

    bubble pack is useful when you want to pack and move antique furniture safely
    Bubble pack is safe – but not good against the wood.

    Then, you will need to get moving blankets and furniture pads, and carefully wrap up all your items. Use these instead of plastic bubble packs, because they will not harm the furniture. Plastic can capture moisture and this can lead to terrible damages to wooden surfaces. By using blankets and pads to pack and move your antique furniture safely, you are building a bridge between the item and the plastic.

    The third step means you take all the blister wrap you didn’t put directly on the furniture and wrap each item in it. Even though it can be dangerous around wood, it is pretty efficient at protecting the items from bumps and scratches. So, by using moving blankets first, you are maximizing the safety of all your antique furniture during the move. Of course, if you feel unsure about the whole process, you should get some professional packing services from the movers you trust.

    It’s time to move your furniture

    Once that you pack it properly, it’s time for the second task in your pack and move antique furniture safely process – the moving itself. Now, keep in mind that transfer is often where the most damages occur, so you will need to make sure that your furniture can travel safely. To ensure this, you first need to talk to your movers about what they are transporting. They need to know exactly which item is antique, and what box contains them (for smaller items).

    antique books
    Tell your movers about your small antique items.

    If you are undertaking a DIY residential move, then it’s a smart bet to put these boxes and items somewhere separate from the rest. This way, you minimize the chances of damages happening. A thing to remember is that you should not put anything on top of your antique items! That creates pressure which is not good for these items during transit.

    Again, if you are not sure about how to pack and move your antique furniture safely, then it’s best to call a responsible moving company. They will have the packing supplies you need, as well as the knowledge and experience in packing antique furniture. What’s more, they will have the equipment to transport this furniture into the truck, and they will know exactly how to take the truck to your new home.

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