How to organize a yard sale in Miami on a short notice

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    If you need to organize a yard sale on a short notice and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Organizing a yard sale on a short notice in Miami is possible. Of course, some things depend on how much available time you have. Things like advertising your yard sale, probably, won’t be so successful if you don’t have enough time to promote it. But if you are in a situation where you unexpectedly need to move and you want to gather some cash and get rid of certain stuff, organizing a quick yard sale is conceivable.

    Organize a yard sale and sell your excess items
    Organize a yard sale to quickly earn some cash

    Of course, this means you will have at least ten days for preparation. It is because you are required to apply for a yard sale permit in Miami at least ten business days before you organize it. That is unless you live in Miami Dade County.

    If you organize a yard sale in Miami maybe you will need a permit

    As mentioned before, you will need to apply for a permit at least 10 business days before the requested date. If you are living in Miami Dade County you will not need a yard sale permit. But for other parts of Miami, you will need one. It is pretty easy to get but there are some rules:

    • Maximum of two sales per year. If you organize a yard sale more than two times during one year you will be fined.
    • You can organize your yard sale only on weekends and holidays.
    • One yard sale can last for two consecutive days max and can be held only during daylight.
    • You are only permitted to sell used items on a yard sale in Miami.
    • Prepare your documents. You will need your ID and proof of property ownership or permission from the owner if you are a renter.
    • The Yard sale permit is free of charge except in South Miami. They will charge you 20$ for it.

    Moving and organizing a yard sale in Miami

    Sometimes unexpected things can happen and you need to move on a short notice. Contact your movers Miami and find out what is the cost of moving your stuff to your new location. After you gather information about the prices, think about the things that are better to be sold than moved. That is the first thing you should do after you get your permit. It is how you start making your yard sale inventory.

    Preparing your inventory

    Now you need to decide what items you should put out for sale. Go through your whole house and search everywhere. Consider the things you never or rarely use, things that could be of use to someone else. Don’t be scared to put broken stuff out on display, too. If it’s safe, you can try to sell it.

    After you decide what items are going to your sale inventory, clean them and try to get them in good shape. Clean items will sell better, there is no question about it. When you are done with assembling your inventory, contact your friends, family and neighbors and offer them to participate in your yard sale with their items. You will attract more buyers if you have more items on display.

    Advertise your yard sale

    There is no point in organizing a yard sale if you don’t advertise it. If you organize a yard sale on a short notice your advertising will not have that much of an effect but still it is a must. Find local newspapers that have classifieds for yard sales. There are buyers that check local newspapers for yard sales regularly. Use yard sales websites and social media to promote your event.  After you finish with the internet you should print out posters and flyers to post around the neighborhood. There are some rules concerning yard sale signs so you should inform yourself before posting any, tough. The last thing you can do is to call everyone you can. Open your phonebook and start making calls.

    Organize your event properly

    When you organize a yard sale, even if it’s in a short notice, you should make an effort to properly sort and label your stuff. Try to avoid mess and piles of clothes. Use cloth hangers to display your used clothes. It will look more appealing and surely it will sell better. Sort similar items in groups and try to keep your inventory neat. Also, think about prices and prepare price tags and proper labels for your items. And don’t forget to prepare small bills and coins for change.

    Boxes with free stuff on a yard sale
    If you organize a yard sale, a box with free stuff can be a good way of getting rid of your items that has no value

    If you are mainly looking to get rid of your stuff you can also designate a give-away box with free items. Also, there are places in Miami where you can donate all your unsold items after your yard sale is over.

    Safety issues

    When you organize a yard sale you should also think about some safety issues. You want to save money when moving – but you also want it to be secured as well! Lock your house and close all windows before the sale begins. If your sale is a successful one there will be many people around your house and you can’t watch everything and everyone. So hire some friends or family members to help you out. Maybe you should also consider hiring someone to be your cashier if you are planning to have a money box.

    A money box with paper money and coins
    If you plan to have a money box you should hire someone to help you

    After the yard sale

    After you close your market there will be things left unsold. If you are preparing for a move and planning on hiring some of the North Miami Beach movers, be extra careful when choosing the company that will do your relocation. There are many dishonest North Miami Beach moving companies so it is very important to do a thorough search and inform yourself well before choosing some of the North Miami Beach movers. Of course, fraudulent companies are a minority but still you should be cautious.

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