How to Move with a Pet

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    How to Move with a Pet

    Planning a move? While you’re busy searching for a new place, scheduling moving services and packing boxes, don’t forget to make arrangements for your four-legged friend. Keeping your pet calm, safe, and comfortable during a move requires careful planning and consideration. Here are a few tips from the pros that’ll ensure a smooth move for both your and your pet.

    • Anxiety on moving day can lead even calm, friendly dogs to do act out by running away or demonstrating aggressive behavior. For safety and peace of mind, it’s best to keep pets crated or in a separate, locked room during the moving process.
    • Regardless of whether you will be driving your pet to your new home or your dog or cat will be flying on an airplane, for the safest transportation possible, your pet should be placed into a hardsided, well-ventilated crate. For air travel, most airlines have strict guidelines about the size and style of the crate, how it’s secured, as well as what sorts of food, water bowls, and surfaces are allowed inside during the trip. It’s best to contact your airline well before your travel date to ensure your crate meets the standards.
    • If you will need to purchase a new crate for your move, give your pet time to get used to it by having it sleep there for a few weeks first. Being in a familiar place can significantly reduce stress on your pet come move day.
    • Does your move involve a road trip? If you’re moving long-distance, be sure to research pet-friendly hotels before you embark to prevent last-minute scrambling.
    • If you’ve moved to a new town, you’ll want to register your pet in your new location and have tags updated to reflect your new address as soon as possible.
    • Last but not least, never leave a pet behind when you move! If you feel you can no longer take care of your pet, contact your local humane society.

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