How to move home in one week

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    How to move home in one week

    Moving a household is not an easy task, regardless of the size of your home or the amount of time you have on your hands. Moving is just always stressful. Add a limited time frame of just one week and you have yourself a nerve-wracking situation. But worrying about the deadline won’t help you finish the job any faster. It will only slow you down. So take a deep breath and follow our guide on how to move home in one week.

    If you approach it with a positive attitude, you will see that getting it all done in a week is a good thing. Sure, you’ll devote the next 7 days exclusively to that. But when the week is up, you will be comfortably settled in your new home.

    Day 1 – time to organize your quick move

    The first thing you will need to move home in one week is to find is Florida moving services. When it comes to pulling off a short notice move, you will need to hire professional moving assistance. That will take a huge load off of your shoulders when the moving day arrives. So, you should get in touch with a few moving companies and book the best cheap movers in Miami you can find. Once you get that big question settled, you should also do the following:

    To move home in a week make a plan in your organizer and stick with it.
    Make a plan and deal with paperwork!


    • cancel your cable and newspaper subscriptions 
    • request updated accounts from utility companies  (water, gas, electricity, city taxes)
    • arrange insurance for your move, if your movers don’t offer a satisfactory deal
    • send your medical records to your new hospital
    • if you have kids, transfer their school records to the new school
    • if you have a pet, arrange for it to stay with a friend during this hectic week
    • notify your friends and family about your relocation, and ask some of them to help you
    • buy enough groceries for a week

    Day 2 – get your moving supplies

    You need to move home in a week and you need moving supplies to get it done. So, the goal of the day is to find them. The easiest way to get a hold of moving supplies is to buy them from your movers. But, if a good deal is what you’re after, then there are other, more affordable ways. You can get free moving boxes at your local big box store or a grocery store. Another great option is printer paper boxes. They are just the right size, firm enough and they even have little handles on the side.

    cardboard box
    Get as many strong cardboard boxes as you can.

    Remember, you can never have too many boxes. It’s better to stock up on them than to have to rush out in the middle of your busy moving schedule to buy more. And another piece of advice – stick to medium size boxes. The ones you can lift yourself easily when loaded are the best. Get some quality see-through garbage bags, too. You’ll also need tape and old newspapers or bubble wrap to safely move home in one week.

    Day 3 – sorting day

    One the third day of the mission called move your home in a week, you will need to sort out your belongings. By this, we mean to go through everything you own and throw out what you don’t need. Sort out your closet, your knick-knack bowls, your drawers, your shoes, your decorations, your sporting equipment. Go through everything and get rid of as many things as you can. Why should you pay to move items you don’t use or need? Engage your family in this task to complete it faster. You can even make it into a competition to liven up the atmosphere. Donate what you can and recycle the rest.

    Day 4 – start packing

    Blender with some kiwis and raspberries in it.
    Start with kitchen appliances you don’t use every day, like blenders or turkey roasters.

    There are only 4 days left before you need to move out. But, so far so good! You have done a lot by now. Your paperwork is taken care of, movers are hired, moving supplies are acquired. And you have sorted out all of your belongings and got rid of unnecessary things. Well done! Now you can dedicate your full attention to packing.

    Start packing your kitchen first. It’s the room that usually takes the longest to pack, so pack it right away. Begin with seasonal items, like extra sets of glasses, turkey roaster, power juicer etc. Then move on to pots and pans and finally plates, cups, and cutlery. The idea is to pack everything up except a few basic things you will be needing until the last minute. Plastic plates and cutlery are another way to go.

    Day 5 – move home in one week – keep packing and label things

    Moving day is approaching, so keep your spirits high and keep packing. It’s best to pack the things you won’t use in the next couple of days first. So this means books, toys, sporting and recreational equipment. Get it all packed and labeled. When you have to move house in one week, things can get a bit crazy. You may pack something you still need. So, that’s why it is crucial to label every box. Label them clearly as soon as you pack them, so you can find the things you need easily.

    Day 6 – pack up

    Hopefully, by now you have packed most of your things. If not, keep packing with a calm head on your shoulders. It will all be over tomorrow. Today you can pack your clothes, footwear, jewelry, and electronics. Remember to pack a go-to box. It should contain a fresh change of clothes, toiletries, prescription medicine, phones and chargers, your personal documents, kids’ favorite toys.  The kind of things you will definitely need the first night in your new home. Go to bed early to get enough sleep and strength for the moving day.

    Day 7 – moving day

    Just a week ago you thought it couldn’t be accomplished. And here you are today. Your things packed and loaded onto a moving truck. Congratulations, you managed to move home in one week!

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