How to Move a Hot Tub Safely

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    What could be better for relaxing after a hard day at work than enjoying a hot tub with your favorite songs? Owning a hot tub or jacuzzi, is a dream for many people, whether they want to keep it in the bathroom or put it in the backyard to enjoy the sun. If you own a hot tub, you’re the lucky one, but if you’re relocating it… well, maybe not that lucky. Just because it’s very expensive and heavy, moving a hot tub is not easy and relaxing activity at all. Average 56 square foot hot tub without water typically weighs around 900 pounds, while a hot tub with water can weigh up to 6,000 pounds! If hiring movers is too much for your budget, gather a few strong friends and follow our steps to move a hot tub safely!

    summer hot tub
    Make sure to handle your tub properly and with great care!

    Remove all parts separately in order to move a hot tub safely

    In order to move a hot tub safely, you need to remove all its parts and accessories separately. Moving a hot tub requires a lot of space and an empty tub. This means you will have to drain water, but before that, you need to remove the heater, blower, electrical units, pumps, plumbing units, and other accessories. Hot tubs are expensive things with fragile items, so make sure to pack them individually and provide enough protection. If you need the help of professional movers to check long distance movers Florida and relocate your hot tub safely.

    Gather moving supplies

    If you want to move a hot tub safely, you need to know how to pack it. The first step is to gather moving and packing supplies. Since you’re about to move the heavy item, you will need some tools, too. Pick moving straps, furniture dollies, several large plywood pieces, and cleaning products. You will also need to wear appropriate clothes and bring a few boxes to put hot tub’s small parts in them. And if you need safe space to keep your hot tub until you relocate your household, rent some unit from Storage Miami Beach.

    Measure and secure the paths through which a hot tub passes

    You want to move to Florida and relocate a hot tub? Make sure you have enough space and see tips for finding the ideal family house in Florida. The really important step when you are trying to move a hot tub safely is to measure all pathways and secure them. This can be a serious issue for many reasons, for example. If you hire movers to move your hot tub from the second floor and without an elevator, they can charge you more. Besides, someone can get serious injuries. Another problem appears when a hot tub is too large to go through the door or stairs. Measure a hot tub and all paths if you want to avoid damaging your property.

    measurement display
    Whether a hot tub is outside in your yard, or inside your house, make sure you measure all stairs, paths and the places it passes through before you start moving it.

    Disconnect the hot tub

    Another important thing you shouldn’t forget when you move a hot tub safely is to disconnect the hot tub. The hot tub is full of water and it uses electricity, and that’s why you should be very careful. Before draining a hot tub, make sure you unplug your spa from the electrical outlet. Find the breaker switch inside the circuit box and turn it off. For 110v spa models, it should be enough to pull the plug from the wall. Check if all cords are put away and nothing is dangling from the hot tub. If you’re scared to take this step, call an electrician or a spa service.

    Move a hot tub safely – Drain the hot tub

    The next important step to take if you want to move a hot tub safely is to drain it. This is a simple step when you have to release water, but it takes time. If you allow the water to drain on its own, that will go slow. If you want to speed it up and not flood your yard or house, use a submersible water pump. This pump will speed the whole process up and drain out the water in 15 minutes. While the best place to pump out the water is near a street gutter, it’s illegal to dump a hot tub’s water to the ocean or a river. Make sure you inform about the details.

    a photo of hot tub
    Be careful about draining a hot tub, because it’s illegal to dump spa water into a drain that leads to the ocean or rivers.

    Clear the remaining water and clean a hot tub

    Sometimes even after using a submersible pump, there will be some water remaining at the bottom of the hot tub. You can use a wet-dry vacuum to remove puddles. Once you remove all water, clean thoroughly a hot tub and repair any damages or surface scratches before you move a hot tub safely.

    Put plywood pieces and furniture dollies under the hot tub

    If you place plywood under the hot tub that will create a smooth and flat surface for moving it. This will also let furniture dollies to roll easier. For this step, you will need friends to help you lift the hot tub onto the wood. After you finish, slide furniture dollies underneath. Slide one underneath the front and one underneath the back of the hot tub because it should sit firmly on the two dollies. To ensure that the hot tub doesn’t fall off, secure a hot tub to the dollies with moving straps.

    Roll the hot tub and load a moving truck

    When you secure a hot tub with dollies, you can easily roll it to the moving truck. Just make sure you have some friends with you to help you push it and move a hot tub safely to the moving truck. After you load it to make sure someone gets inside the truck to ensure that the hot tub is secure. If possible, add some extra protection to a hot tub while transporting to your new home. Looking for a cheap bathroom remodeling ideas for your new home? Try using DIY tips and tricks from the best moving blogs.

    Hire professional movers to move a hot tub safely

    If you simply don’t want to try to lift heavy things, and surely avoid possible injuries, hire professional movers. Sometimes the best way to move a hot tub safely is to hire professionals. Professional movers are experienced with lifting and loading a truck with heavy items, and they have the required equipment. Just make sure they have a moving truck enough large to hold a hot tub. And, don’t forget to take moving insurance.

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