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    One of the most important things you need to do when you are moving to a new neighborhood is to meet your new neighbors. Even if you are not that outgoing and sociable, meeting new neighbors and establishing good relationships is always significant. Living in an area where you don’t know anyone can be a little frustrating. So, you can start meeting new faces from your street or building while you are still moving in. That is the perfect time to do it. But, you do not have to do anything spectacular to present yourself to the new neighborhood. The plain old, smiling face and a warm hello will do the trick most of the times. So, when you are moving to South Florida, make sure you look friendly and approachable. And that will be the best way to meet new neighbors.

    Visit local homeowners association, learn about the rules and meet your new neighbors

    Before you move into your new home, it would be good if you could inspect the neighborhood and learn about the neighborhood’s rules and regulations. Many neighborhoods in the US have their rules regarding life in a community. So, if you are moving to Fort Lauderdale and into a neighborhood with an active community, try to find out what are the rules regarding your moving day. Before you move in, go to your new neighborhood and find a local homeowner association. There you can inform yourself about neighborhood rules. And you will certainly meet some of your new neighbors there.

    Local community center and man and woman talking
    Meet new neighbors in the local community center

    This can be a perfect chance to present yourself to your new neighborhood for the first time and meet some of your new neighbors. Just make sure you act friendly and accept the rules of the neighborhood. You know how important is the first impression.

    Make sure you are moving in according to the neighborhood rules

    Sign that says know the rules when you want to meet new neighbors
    Learn about community rules if you want to meet new neighbors properly

    The most important thing is to make a good impression during your moving in. If you visited local homeowner association, you have probably learned the neighborhoods dos and don’ts during the moving in. Even though your cheap movers Miami certainly know the rules about not blocking someone else’s driveway, leaving garbage on the street, or making too much noise during the unloading of the moving truck. You should warn them anyway to do their job without too much noise and to avoid any other unnecessary activity that will angry your neighbors. Make sure that you pick up the garbage after you finish. And, fix everything that may be damaged during your moving in.


    Try to look friendly if you want to meet new neighbors

    People who look friendly will have an easier time meeting new neighbors. Remember that when you are moving to your new home. You do not even have to do anything special; if you look approachable, your first neighbor will more likely be the one who will start the conversation. And the best place and time do it is during the move. When you are moving to Miami, you and your movers will most likely attract your neighbor’s attention. Moreover, you can be sure that everyone from the neighborhood is watching you, even if you don’t see them. And, with that thing in mind, watch out how you talk to your movers. Be pleasant, keep the smiling face, and act naturally. If no one approaches you during your moving in, that doesn’t mean that you didn’t present yourself to your new neighborhood. The neighborhood is always watching, be sure about that.

    Moving in is the perfect time to make new contacts

    Meeting new neighbors and shaking hands
    Use your moving day to meet your new neighbors

    During a move, you’ll probably need some help with something. And a good way to make a new contact is to ask for help. Just, try to avoid asking someone to do physical work for you. It’s not a good way to start a relationship. But, if you need some tool. You can ask your closest neighbor to lend it to you. Or, if you have no other way of parking a moving truck but to block someone’s driveway. Ask them politely if they can be patient while you finish. If they accept it nicely, and especially if they do not, prepare a nice present for them, a fruit basket, a bottle of fine wine or you could bake some cookies. It’s a good way to apologize for any inconvenient situation you caused during your moving in. And a great way to start a good relationship.

    Get involved in your community’s activities

    After you settle into your new home, you will have more time to meet your neighbors. Florida has very active local communities so you will have to get involved in some group projects and activities if you want to be a proper part of your new neighborhood. Besides, meeting with your new neighbors, getting involved in local projects will make you feel good. Especially if those projects include helping those in need.

    There are many activities that local communities organize to help those in need

    • Raising money for charity organizations is a great way to get involved in the life of your community and to meet new neighbors. You can make a sale for charity or hold a charity auction.
    • Help with delivering meals to local hospitals, nursing homes or other organizations that require that kind of help.
    • Organize fun activities for kids. You will certainly have fun with kids, and you will make a good impression if you are good with kids.
    • Help elderly citizens with their needs. Elderly citizens always need some kind of help, and you can organize with your neighbors to visit a nursing home and offer your help.
    • Help animals at the local shelter.
    • Keeping the neighborhood clean.

    So, if you want to present yourself to the new neighborhood in good light, make sure that the first impression you leave is positive. And the perfect time to do it is during your moving in. If you do everything by the book. Act friendly, be polite with everyone and you will have no trouble to meet new neighbors. 

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