How to Make an Offer on a House

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    Finding a South Florida house of your dreams requires time. You can spend lots of time searching for the most suitable house. But, what to do when that moment finally comes? How to make an offer that will stand out from the rest and that will help you to be the one who purchases the house in the end? However, no matter whether you are buying a vacation home or a home you will live in, you need to make sure that the house you are making an offer for is really the one that will make you happy. In other words, before you make an offer on a house, make sure that you are 100% sure about the purchase. Of course, you can always back up, even at the last moment, but that will have some consequences.

    Find a moving company that is ready to move you as soon as you are ready

    It is important to be ready to move as soon as your new home is purchased. But, finding good movers in the last minute is not easy. Therefore, Florida moving services are usually your best bet. They are always ready for last-minute relocations, and if you are in a hurry, hire them for your move.

    Man and woman planning how to make an offer on a house
    Make a plan before you make an offer on a house

    Make a plan before you make an offer on a house

    Before you go house hunting, you need to make a good plan about what type of property you will search for. Sit down with your family members and try to make an agreement about everyone’s requests and needs. Never mind if you are buying a vacation home or a home to live in. If you do this before you go house hunting, it will help you save time by not considering properties that are not suitable in the first place. In addition, it will help you save your nerves in a case of disagreement with your family members. This is a very important step to take before you go house hunting.

    Before you make an offer on a house find a good real estate agent

    Before you make an offer on a house in South Florida, you need to be sure that you have checked everything before you made your decision. Buying a house in Florida real estate market is the same as everywhere else.  But, you need to have a good real estate agent if you want to find the best possible property to buy. Finding a real estate agent is easy. Just open your internet browser and type real estate agents in Florida. Numerous websites are specialized in finding good and reliable real estate agents in your interest area. You can see their ratings and former customer comments. But, even though it is easy to find a realtor this way, you will still need to think about a few certain things, before you decide on an agent.

    • Find a real estate agent who has similar interests as you. If you manage to find a realtor that really gets you, and understands all your wants and needs, you can hope to make an offer on a house that is perfect for you.
    • Find a realtor that operates in your interest area. This will ensure that your agent really knows the neighborhood in which he is searching for your new home.
    • Check to see how long your realtor has been in business. Ideally, you should find someone that is in business for at least 5 years.
    • When you are checking their credentials, make sure that your realtor has at least two monthly transactions.

    House hunting in South Florida

    After you find a good and reliable real estate agent, and you and your family members are clear with what type of property you are looking for, you can go house hunting. Even If you managed to hire a smart and trustworthy realtor, you will still have to watch out for certain things before you make an offer on a property. Buying a home is one of the most significant events in every person’s life, so you need to triple check everything before you make it a final.

    Scent stick is smoking in a house
    Smell the house

    Check everything before you make an offer on a house

    Smell the house

    The first thing to pay attention when you are entering a house for the first time is the smell. Some scents could tell you a lot about the state of the house. So, some owners will try to cover bad scents by using different air fresheners, bowls with potpourri, scent candles and similar. If you enter a home with lots of air fresheners, be careful. The owners are probably trying to cover the smell of mold, sewage, pet feces, or worse.

    Hear the neighborhood

    If you notice that music is playing in certain rooms, maybe they are trying to hide a noisy neighborhood. When you enter a home, ask them to turn off the music.

    Mold and moist concealed by paintwork

    Owners are preparing their houses for sale, it is not a secret. So, you can be sure that some problems are masked out. Many houses in South Florida have issues with moist. So you need to double-check the walls, especially at the bottom. It is not an easy thing to conceal, and the mask that covers the problematic areas is purely cosmetic. Touching the suspected area of the wall will usually be enough to check for moist.

    Marble trick

    When you are visiting houses for sale always carry a marble with you. It is the easiest way to check for uneven floors. After the house settles, some bumps or indentations may occur on the floor. And fixing that problem is pretty expensive, and it requires an extensive repairing. So be careful.

    Making an offer on a house

    Set the starting price

    When you decided to make an offer on a house first you need to set a starting price. There might be some negotiations, so you want to start with the lowest price possible. But you need to be sure that the offer is not too low in which case your proposal will be turned down. The seller can give you a counter-offer if he thinks that your offer was close. The negotiations will last until you make an agreement or someone decides to walk away.

    Writing an offer on a house
    Send a handwritten house offer letter

    House offer letter

    While making an offer on a house you need to be aware that other buyers may be also putting offers on your dream home. So, the one thing that could help your offer stand out is the house offer letter in which you will give all your thoughts about the house, and how you will make it even more beautiful. Some owners are pretty tied to their homes. So, a nicely assembled and handwritten house offer letter could do the trick and make them pick your offer over the others.


    Another important factor is the amount of money you are putting a deposit. The biggest deposits have a bigger chance of making a final purchase.


    Contingencies are things that should happen before closing the deal. They usually include home inspection and appraisal. Make sure that you include everything important in the purchase agreement before closing the contract.

    When you are done with everything, your real estate agent will deliver your offer to the seller. If your offer is accepted, congratulations. Now you have to deal with hiring south Florida moving and storage services. And start living in your new South Florida dream house.

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