How to Hurricane Proof Your House

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    There are many things in life you can protect yourself from – natural disasters are not one of them. It is a known fact that natural disasters can have horrific consequences from both material and emotional perspective. Besides earthquakes, if you are living in Florida, you face the danger hurricanes bring with them. And while you can never be 100% safe, you can do your best to hurricane proof your house, and make it as safe as possible for your family. As one of the leading moving companies Miami based, we have suitable experience to give you a few tips on the subject.

    In order to hurricane proof your house, you must protect your windows and doors

    Hurricanes, no matter how powerful they are, come with strong winds. Those winds have the power to lift heavy objects, which later start swirling in the air. If the wind does not break your windows, you can rest assured that the debris will. Since we can imagine you already know how dangerous broken glass flying everywhere can be, we won’t get into any further details. What we will say is that when relocating to Florida, you have to protect your glass windows and doors. Whether you decide to install shutters or consider other fastening hardware, it is up to you. What is imperative is that there is an obstacle between the fragile glass of your windows and the wind blowing, carrying debris that is as dangerous as bullets.

    A blue window shutter to help you hurricane proof your house.
    Make sure you remove any danger associated with your windows and doors.

    Clear out your yard

    Remember that debris we mentioned just a minute ago? Well, the real danger usually comes from our own yards. That patio chair will be as light as a feather for the wind that is blowing. And that same chair can do a lot of danger once thrown inside your home unexpectedly. So, once you hear about any incoming hurricanes, make it your task to immediately clean your yard. Get rid of any patio furniture, grills, garden tools, and dead branches. Absolutely every item can be a danger during a hurricane. If you have no place inside your home for placing your backyard items, you can always rent storage Miami based. It will be useful not just for the hurricane season, but year-round.

    Pay attention to the garage

    There are many ways in which water can enter your house during a hurricane, and the garage is one of them. In case your garage doors give in (which they often do as let’s face it, they are not bullet-proof), the water will have a clearer path to your most beloved furniture. Once inside your home, you can only imagine the damage that will ensue. So, make sure that you do whatever you can to prevent this from happening. Make sure that your garage door is installed to withstand the hurricane-force winds, and that they don’t give in to them. Do everything in your power to protect your home and the benefits will be seen during the next hurricane season.

    Red garage doors.
    Hurricane proof your house by making sure the garage door is properly installed.

    Make sure you have electricity once the hurricane hits

    While you won’t exactly make phone calls or watch TV during a hurricane, it is still important that you have electricity. And unfortunately, there is a chance your power grid won’t be able to weather the storm. It will be much easier to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane with electricity, so make sure you have a generator nearby. You don’t need to go over the top with your generator. A small one will work perfectly fine. After all, the only thing you will need will be some light and some basic appliances. Just bear in mind that a running generator usually makes a lot of noise. In case you live in a building, you will have to oblige by certain rules and codes. Not following the building rules is a road to breaking a lease in Florida, and that is not something that you want nor need.

    Have a safe place for weathering the storm

    When trying to hurricane proof your house, there is something you need to do – create a safe place for you and your family. Usually, people use a basement as their safe place or some crawl space. Whatever you choose is perfectly fine, as long as you take the necessary measures of precaution. You have to ensure that place will stay dry during the hurricane by introducing a powerful drainage system. Don’t try to save money on this item – it might prove crucial for the safety of your family.

    Have all the necessary items at hand

    In the worst case scenario, the hurricane can leave you and your family stranded for over a day. Also, the shops in your town may be closed while everyone is recuperating from the consequences. Whatever the situation may be, you will still need to eat and drink, right? That is why you need to make sure you have an essentials bag. It seems that for every type of situation you need an essentials bag. It is needed when preparing for a local Miami move, and it is certainly needed during a natural disaster. Some of the items your essentials bag should contain are:

    • A flashlight and batteries
    • Canned food which won’t expire recently
    • Bottled water galore
    • Any other items you think you need in a crisis
    A brown luggage bag next to a chair.
    Your essentials bag should contain any items you see fit.

    Must you hurricane proof your house?

    Absolutely yes, as they can have devastating consequences. Being prepared for the worst case scenario is essential in case you want to come out of this disaster as a winner. Besides, to hurricane proof your house is not the most difficult task in the world. All you need is to give some of your time to this task, and you will be glad you did it the next time a hurricane passes through.

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