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    Are you thinking about moving from NYC to FL? If you are, you need to prepare yourself well. Relocating to Florida is an experience on its own. And moving here from an urban area like NYC can be very worrisome, to say the least. Besides the weather, which is the most noticeable difference between NYC and FL, there are many more things that will be new to you. So, learn about Florida before deciding to move here.

    Also, moving long-distance is much more difficult than moving locally. Especially on your own. Therefore, if you are planning to move from NYC to FL you will need the help of professional interstate movers. If you want to move without any difficulties. So, besides learning about Florida, you will need to dedicate some time to find experienced and reliable movers that will handle your long-distance relocation.

    Moving from NYC to FL will be easier if you learn some things about Sunshine State

    Moving from NYC to FL will help you see more beaches
    Moving from NYC to FL is going to be an experience on its own

    As you already know, Florida is a unique state. When you see a photograph from Florida, you immediately know where it’s from. But, it is the same with New York City. You do not need a special clarification to recognize NYC on a photo. So, you can expect to have some adaptation problems when you are moving between two so distinct and unique places. Luckily, there are ways to ease those adaptation problems, at least to some degree. Your cheapest and easiest solution is the internet. You can find tons of great information about living in Florida on the internet. Watch videos on YouTube and read reliable articles and forums. Learning about life in Florida is very important. Especially before you make your final decision about moving here. However, you should not rely only on information from the internet.

    Florida facts:

    • Florida had only 18 years without a major storm since 1851. That is important to know when moving from NYC to FL
    • You are never more than 60 miles away from the ocean.
    • Florida’s nickname is Sunshine State.
    • Almost 90% of all orange juice consumed in the US comes from Florida.
    • Florida’s Everglades is the only place where alligators and crocodiles live together.
    • Florida has 800 miles of beautiful beaches.
    • Over 100 million tourists visit Florida each year.

    Visit Florida before deciding to move here

    Florida is a very appealing destination. Millions of tourists visit Florida each year. Many of them are returning year after year. That is how most decisions about moving to Sunshine State are really made. People are visiting a particular destination for many years, and then decide they would like to live there. So if you are still just daydreaming about moving to Miami, or any other place in Florida, your first assignment is to visit the destination. That is the best way to find out if moving to FL is a good decision.

    Old people visiting FL before moving here from NYC
    Visit Florida before moving here from NYC

    But don’t think that a weekend visit is enough. If you make just a short trip, maybe you’ll be able to see just a small part of Florida. But you need to breathe in Florida, literally, if you want to know if the place is for you. Weather here is tricky, and a combination of heat and humidity can be very difficult to handle.

    Moving from NYC to FL will be difficult because of the weather

    The biggest and most obvious difference between NYC and Florida is the weather. Sure, it can be warm in NYC, especially in the summer. But it is nothing like in Florida. Especially in the southern part of the state. In south Florida, you can expect to have warm and sunny days, pretty much all year round. North Florida is very different, you can even see snow sometimes, although rarely, and temperatures can go below freezing at least once in a year. Last snow that was falling in southern Florida was in Tampa area over 40 years ago. So, in south Florida, there is no snow, but there is heat. In the summer months, the heat is constant, with occasional relieves in the shape of thunderstorms. Storms can bring an immediate and significant drop of temperature, and so bringing the short break from the heat.

    High humidity

    There is no place in Florida that is too far from the ocean’s saltwater. And the highest point is no more than 325 feet. Those are the reasons for Florida’s humid climate. And that humidity wouldn’t be such a problem if there were no such high temperatures. A high temperature mixed with high humidity is what should concern you. Especially if you have a medical condition that can be affected by this difficult weather combination. That is why a weekend visit is not enough. You should really spend more time in Florida to make sure that you can handle the tricky weather.

    Moving from NYC to Florida with the help of interstate movers

    If you made your decision and you are moving from NYC to Florida, you will need to start thinking about hiring interstate movers Florida, packing and all that other stuff that goes with long-distance moving. First, you will need to find a trustworthy moving company that will do your relocation. Search the internet to find moving companies that will do your type of relocation, and get their moving quotes.

    Palm trees in Florida
    Move to Florida with the help of interstate movers

    Of course, moving companies offer you many different moving services, and you need to decide what services you will need before asking for a moving estimate. The most expensive and most convenient way of moving from NYC to FL is to hire a full service moving company. That means that you can deal with other things while your movers are handling your belongings. They will pack your items, transport them to your destination and unpack them when they arrive.

    Moving from NYC to Florida and packing on your own

    Using Florida moving services is the easiest way to move. But if you decided not to hire a full service moving company and to pack your belonging on your own, you should bear some things in mind. You are moving to Florida and your items will travel far to reach your destination. That means your items will spend some time on the road. And your stuff could easily be damaged in the back of a moving truck. Especially if the truck is not completely full. So you need to watch out when you pack. Make sure that you add lots of padding to your moving boxes. Particularly boxes with fragile items. Use a cloth, bubble plastic, or any other soft material that could add some extra protection to your precious items.

    Also, you will need lots of moving boxes for your packing. But, don’t waste your money on buying cardboard boxes. There are many easy ways to get free boxes in while you are in NYC.

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