How to Handle Long-Distance House Hunting

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    Imagine you recently had a high school reunion and talked to a girl who just got married. She and her husband live in the other state, but they decided to have a wedding in her parents’ state. Was it complicated? Yes, it was. Not many restaurants wanted to go an extra mile and help her online. But, one girl did, and they ended up choosing her restaurant. The similar process goes for long-distance house hunting. Basically, you need the support of someone on the field. Among other things. So, don’t worry if your spouse just got a great new job in a different state. All you have to do is be well-organized and don’t give up when it becomes a little hard. The challenges are always there, but it’s our job to overcome them.

    Four tips to help you handle long-distance house hunting

    Buying a new house and relocation are complicated processes in general. The big part of the work is finding reliable local movers Miami if you are from around and you can relax. So, when you ad some miles on it, you know that long-distance house hunting can’t be an easy task. But not to worry. If you have ever gone through the purchasing of any real estate, you already know the basics. This is just going to be another level. Although you will still need great movers to help you, there is one difference. When you are relocating within the same city, you are familiar with neighborhoods, cultures, costs and things to do in every part of the city. Unlike relocation to a new city or state. That is why long-distance house hunting goes hand in hand with the good preparation and education.

    Long-distance house hunting - the road
    Long-distance house hunting is challenging but manageable with the right preparation

    These are the points to think about:

    1. figure out your needs, priorities and a budget,
    2. research the area,
    3. find the best real estate agent but plan the visits,
    4. find the right moving company.

    After you figure out all of them, your long-distance house hunting will become much less complicated.

    Figure out your needs, priorities and a budget

    This is really the first step to take in any house hunting. What is the reason for shopping? Is your current house or apartment too small for you and all the children? OK, so then you need a bigger house. And you probably want it to be close to a school. Perhaps the kids left for college, so you and your spouse want some smaller house, enough just for you two. Maybe you considered relocating to Florida because you have heard that it is great for the people in retirement. Or it may just be that you are single and not thinking about kids yet. That is why you should be long-distance house hunting for some nice place downtown, close to all the cool restaurants and bars.

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless. That is why you should figure out what are the most important things about your lifestyle. Also, as you probably can’t expect for all your wishes to come true, you should set priorities. Write down the five most important qualities that your new house needs to have, and start from there. Be realistic and don’t expect to find them all at once. Remember to stick to do the budget that you decided, because there are going to be a lot of unpredicted costs on the way.

    Numbers 12345
    Write down your top five priorities, and compromise with all the rest

    Research the area

    Once your long-distance house hunting ends, you are going to be living there. Have in mind that this isn’s a vacation and you can return home when you get tired of it or there’s something you don’t like. This is going to be home for you now. So, before you sign any papers, make sure to find out where exactly are you going to be living.

    If you know the town where you’re moving, that doesn’t mean that you are familiar with all the neighborhoods. That’s why you need to do the research and educate yourself. It is lucky that we live in a modern age, so you can find almost everything on the Internet. Use Google search and try to collect as much information as possible. What is the “old town”? Where are the hipsters? Is it safer downtown or in suburbs? Are you going to need to learn how to hurricane-proof your house? Where are the best schools or the worst traffic in the area? Ask Google as many questions as you want, and read sites, newspaper and forums to learn what can you expect. After you collect all the information and decide what are the best neighborhoods for you, you can go to the next step.

    Find the best real estate agent but plan the visits

    Just like our imaginary friend needed help to organize the long-distance wedding, you will need help for your long-distance house hunting. Carefully select an experienced and dependable realtor. Someone who is going to be your eyes and ears. Someone who will use all the technologies we have at our disposal to answer your calls and e-mails and show you the houses. Also, choose someone who will be able to keep you open-minded. And show you the things you missed to see on the Internet.

    A good realtor will follow your wishes, but will also educate you along the way. Sometimes, you can’t see the full potential of the property. However, a great realtor will explain how you can improve your home in Florida by yourself and with a low budget. That is why you should have full confidence in that person. Nevertheless, you can’t decide to buy a home over the video call, so you should plan at least two visits to see the houses you are interested in the most. And, of course, the vibe in the neighborhoods.

    Man giving keys to a couple
    Find a reliable real estate agent to make your life easier

    Find the right moving company

    Moving the whole household is a big and complicated job to do. That is why you have to choose carefully for the right long-distance moving company. Not only that they will have to transport all your stuff from one place to another. They will also have to offer reliable storage Miami if it happens that you need it. Sometimes people think it would be easier to move by themselves. But, in the long-distance move, this is the money that will pay off. You need their expertize and speed if you want to do everything right. So make sure to add moving professionals to your long-distance house hunting budget and you will not regret it.

    To conclude

    As you can see, long-distance house hunting really sounds a little complicated. Nevertheless, always surround yourself with the right people and professionals like realtors and moving companies. That will make your life and moving less complicated. And remember – if you prepare yourself on time and organize everything right, it doesn’t have to be so stressful.

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