How to find a cheap Florida beach vacation rental

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    Renting vacation rentals is becoming more popular by the year. People are deciding for this step more and more and there is a clear reason why. It offers private accommodation with services you need, and all that for a cheaper price than in a hotel. We agree hotels have a lot of advantages, nonetheless, the popularity of vacation rentals is on the rise. If you are traveling on a budget this is a perfect way for you to find accommodation. There are several factors to be considered when hunting for a cheap Florida beach vacation rental. Whether you are moving or traveling for business or pleasure do not forget to try this option. Once accustomed to the variety of amenities you may find in your vacation rental, you can really see the benefits you get for a small price. To understand what this option offers we must analyze every detail. Today, Orange Movers give you all the details on the subject!

    Why rentals?

    Before we go any further ask yourself, are you really looking for a cheap Florida beach vacation rental? Many travelers are used to the service they get in a hotel. You have all the employees of the hotel at your disposal, your bed is made for you, your food is already cooked and served, you have many other amenities hotels provide. So you may ask yourself, why would one rent a vacation rental and skip all the wonderful service you get in a hotel?


    You can choose a place wherever you want. Sure, there are a lot of hotels nearby, nevertheless, there are a lot more location spots in Miami to choose from if you decide to go with a cheap Florida beach vacation rental. As these are all private rooms or houses, you are not bound by the location of a hotel.

    Cheap Florida beach vacation rental
    Beautiful rentals in Florida are the best option for a vacation

    Price? A bargain…

    Compared to hotel prices you are saving your money by renting a cheap Florida beach vacation rental. To tell you the truth, you can get a much better accommodation for a cheaper price. And for the better price, you get more freedom of choice and privacy. You can save money on food as you have the option to prepare your own meals instead of paying for expensive ones in the hotel.

    To sum it up, if you are searching for cheap accommodation with good quality and the best location, you are in the right place!

    A cheap Florida beach vacation rental is just around the corner

    Your perfect place is just a couple of simple steps away. We are going to analyze the crucial factors required to find a great rental that will suit your needs. Follow these steps from our simple guide and discover a world of great rental apartments:

    • do your research
    • know what you want
    • check your budget
    • read the reviews
    • organize transportation

    Start by researching

    Find websites that offer vacation rentals and do your research. There are a lot of filter options that will narrow down the search to your requirements. There are photos of the place and a list of all included amenities. You have the option to save your search, create wish-lists and divide them by the city or the country you wish to visit.

    AirBnb building
    Airbnb is one of the best places to find a cheap Florida beach vacation rental

    Make a list of what you need

    Be sure that you know what you want before doing any search, as it will save time. Maybe you are bringing a pet, or you require iron or a shower instead of a bathtub. Do you need a single bed or a twin? If you do require a twin bed, check if they joined two single beds, as that can be unpleasant when sleeping. You have the opportunity to be picky about these details so use is.

    Guest reviews

    The best option possible are reviews of previous guests. These are precious information that will give you the right description of what to expect. If there was a problem with any of the hosts you will be able to read about it. You can also find out if the place is clean, or what was the communication with the host. Do not choose a place to stay unless you read what other people wrote about it.

    Do not rush it

    If you think you’ve found your perfect place, do not rush it. Check the availability and other options. It is known that prices go lower as the season is coming to an end. Waiting a bit can result in even lower prices, but be aware of the possibility of losing your place if you wait for too long.

    People on the beach
    There are a lot of cheap rentals close to the beach, so choose the location to suit your needs

    Payment options

    Once you chose the desired place, check the availability for the date you want. Once you set the number of guests it will calculate the price you need to pay. We suggest to compare prices and check what is the best and most affordable option for you. When you are ready to pay, you need to complete the payment process and the fee will be charged from your card. Pay special attention to this, as some places require a payment upfront while others may ask only for a deposit. Check your balance before proceeding with payment.


    Depending on the location you are coming from you can choose the transportation you need. There are companies that specialize in this type of service, and they can get you anywhere you need. They calculate the price to be affordable, and you can book return tickets as well. You can also use public transportation which might be cheaper sometimes but it can also be a hassle. From our own experience, you can even use moving companies. Our Fort Lauderdale movers, Miami Beach movers, and our other moving crews can transfer your stuff if the need presents itself.

    Additional options

    If you are planning a vacation, a chance is that you will change the location more times. For example, if you are to go from NY to Florida, you might want to visit other places in-between. Instead of carrying your suitcase with you all the time, you can book NY to Florida movers to safely transport your belongings to the final destination.

    Final thoughts

    If you get a cheap Florida beach vacation rental, do not forget to leave a review, it might help others when deciding. Also, have in mind that you will be reviewed as well, as the host will write about you the same way you write about them. Be sure to leave the place nice and tidy, just like the way you found it. A good word is worth a lot, so build your reputation and it will be returned tenfold. Pack your bags and enjoy!

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